Medicine and Law ISSN 07231393

Medicine and Law  ISSN 07231393 is committed to advancement of medical science and technology has made it extremely important to maintain an accord between medicine and ethics to safe guard against malefaction in the field of medicine and research.

Medicine and Law is concerned with the rights and responsibilities of the health care providers and patients. It provides an opportunity to help addressing critical areas such as health disparities, clinical negligence, the uninsured, child and adolescent health, stem cell research, euthanasia, breach of confidentiality etc. Medical law and bioethics is an expanding field which is undergoing massive changes. There is significant change in attitude of the people towards health, health services, and they also understand that there is a need to balance ethics along with science more than ever.

Medicine and Law journal is for those professionals who are looking to develop their legal knowledge of law and ethics of medicine .The course has been designed to enable professionals to cultivate skills required to identify and analyze ethical and legal dilemmas, to think and write over the critical issues and create and scrutinize polices related to health issues. 

Impact Factor of Medicine and Law is 5.80

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