How to Recommend to UGC Care List?

Dear Stakeholders,
UGC Care List

UGC CARE (Consortium of Academic and Research Ethics) has published new guidelines for colleges and universities to recommend journals to be included in the new list that is being formulated as a standard. The Authors need to follow the instructions to recommend journal through their Institutions IQAC and forwarded to the University’s IQAC with a Covering Letter. Please find below all the necessary information.
To Be Downloaded (link to Download)
Document 1 – Basic Criteria
Document 2 – Editors’ Profiles
Document 3 – Declaration
Step 1: Kindly download all the documents.
Step 2: Fill in the Declaration form.
Step 3: Write a covering letter to your University IQAC through the Institution’s IQAC.
Step 4: The Physical copy needs to be posted to your zonal CARE University (details included)
If you have published with us and are convinced about our academic standards and ethical practices kindly recommend our journals to UGC CARE.
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