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Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd (EduPub) is a book publishing house in India providing complete editing and revision services to up-and-coming authors. Our team of experienced editors will thoroughly proofread your manuscript and make sure that it is grammatically correct. We will make the necessary changes to spelling and grammar. In some cases, we might even restructure the sentence.
We are proudly among the few Hindi and English book publishers in Delhi who will not only edit the manuscript, but also make revision to your book’s content, along with making changes to the title and MRP across various distributions channels. 

Gone are the days when you had to run from pillar to post hunting for the right publisher who would take care of your manuscripts and publish them. Change your paradigm. It's time to take a leap forward and shift to custom publishing. With more than two decades of specialized expertise in publishing, we have observed that most authors are hesitant about their book being a best-seller. At debut, it's really tough to start believing that your manuscript might be a bestselling title soon!

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Are you struggling with how to publish your book? Let us put a full-stop to your dilemma. Get your book published with one of the most prestigious self book publishing companies. We are the best English/Hindi book publishers in India for new writers. By publishing with us, you can sell everywhere – both online and offline. We specialize in giving budding talent between the ages of 4 and 17 years a platform to express their views and thoughts. Our team of experts will help you create your eBook or paperback and get published.

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At Orange Publishers, we do not just publish books, but we fulfill dreams. We work closely with authors and helped many of them create bestsellers in every major category and even helped literary superstars find their own voice. As the best book publishing company in India, we have a wide network and distribution channel including Amazon Kindle. Our team of professionals will help  you reach out to your targeted audience in the best way possible.

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We, at EduPub Publishers, are revolutionizing self publishing in India by offering up-and-coming authors all the help they need to get published. So, if you have written something and have a completed manuscript, just send them to us, via email. Our team of editors, proof-readers and reviewers will go through your manuscript, recommend the necessary tweaks and help create an eBook. Also, we can distribute your finished book across various online channels including Amazon Kindle. Our creative graphic designers will ensure that your eBook looks attractive. We can even help you with online book printing.

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At Pen2Print Publishers, we have an experienced and expert team to help you with all your publishing needs. From designing the cover of your book to choosing the right distribution channel to taking care of the marketing, you can count on us for everything. Our cheapest self publishing in India solutions will help get you published faster and start earning profits. In case you are having a writer’s block, our team of ghostwriters will come handy!

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