Thematics Journal of Geography (ISSN 2277-2995)

Thematics Journal of Geography (ISSN 2277-2995) publishes original research and review articles in the fields of energy and power. This journal also publishes survey, tutorial and discussion papers from experts in these fields to promote intuitive understanding of the state-of-the-art and technology trends. The coverage of the journal includes all sorts of researches on thermal science, fluid mechanics, energy and environment, power system and automation, power electronic, high voltage and pulse power, sustainable energy as well as other energy issues.
Thematics Journal of Geography (ISSN 2277-2995) is a UGC Care Listed Journal for research Publication by Thematics Publications. Link to Journal is and Link to Publisher is Impact Factor of Journal is 5.3. Email id of Editor is
 The topics related to this journal include but are not limited to:
Energy conversion
Energy conservation & management
Energy storage
Hydrogen energy and fuel cells
Hydrogen production technologies
Exergy analysis
Thermodynamic optimization
Electronics cooling
Nuclear energy
Renewable energy
Energy & sustainable development
Energy and environmental impact
CO2 capturing & storage technologies
Clean coal technologies
Biofuels and alternatives
Life cycle assessment
Hybrid/integrated energy systems
Heat pumps and heat pipes
Advanced power generation
Advanced refrigeration systems
Energy system analysis & modelling
Micro-/nano-energy systems
Micro-/nano-energy technologies