Thematics Journal of Geography

Regular papers: The target length of regular papers is 8000 words, including references, endnotes, tables, figures and other text. Tables and figures should normally be considered equivalent to 250 words. An abstract not exceeding 300 words is required. Six key words should follow on a separate line. Where appropriate, these should include: one for locality, one for topic, one for method and three others. Further guidance on optimising titles and abstracts for search engines is available. 

Commentaries: Shorter pieces reflecting on an event or topic of contemporary relevance to policy, public and/or academic debates are welcomed (2-4000 words). A short abstract of up to 150 words, and three keywords should also be provided. Commentaries will be reviewed by at least one member of the Editorial Board or an external referee if more appropriate. Authors are encouraged to contact the Editor in advance to discuss their ideas.

Themed Sections: The Geographical Journal welcomes proposals for Themed Sections. These normally consist of 5 to 7 papers that are 6000 words long and a short introductory editorial. Papers submitted for inclusion in a themed section undergo the same rigorous peer review process as regular papers. Proposals, which should be sent to the Editor, must include:
• A clear introduction (500 to 750 words) that sets out the wider intellectual context for the Themed Section. This should review relevant existing contributions and make clear the added value of publishing the papers collectively as opposed to single journal articles.
• A 250 word abstract for each paper in the Themed Section. These should include the authors, outline the contents of each paper and explain how each paper will speak to the wider issues outlined in the introduction.
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