Think India Journal for English Language and Literature

Think India Journal (Quarterly) is a UGC Care list journal for research publication. Think India journal is an established journal in its eighth year of publication. It was an open access double blind peer reviewed online and print journal. You are invited to this platform to publish your article in English. This journal is special as it caters not only to English in both literature and language but also in the emerging and the most tangible feature of English; Communication skills, Education, Management studies, social studies and other non-engineering papers. We are open and progressive to accommodate any other facet of English that might hold research potential in the future. We are a author funded model with honorary service of the peer reviewers and editors. 

We invite submissions to the regular upcoming issue of Think India Journal. We accept articles written in the core areas of English and also creative writing. The core areas are English Literature, Business, Management Studies, Education, Social Studies, English Language Teaching and English & Communication Skills. You can also publish poems, short stories, book reviews and interviews with prominent writers and scholars.

Please send in your submission as an email attachment to  before 25th of each month. The issue will be published on quarterly basis, special issue is allowed.

Visit us at  for published articles..

Editor, Think India JOURNAL