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Check Insurance Premium Amount Online Instantly

  There used to be a time when people thought insurance was a luxury. However, with the times and people’s lifestyles changing, insurance is not a luxury anymore. Insurance policies help us in dealing with unforeseen circumstances and help us cover expenses in such cases. This is the reason that many of us already have one or another insurance policy.

Now, everyone who buys an insurance policy needs to pay their insurance premium online. If you are looking for a way to pay your insurance premiums or want to check the premium amount, you can do that easily online.

But how?

Let’s check the steps.

How to Check Insurance Premium Amount Online?

The process to check the insurance premium online is very simple, and you can do it by following a few simple steps. Visit Paytm, and follow these steps to check your insurance premiums online:

On Paytm Mobile Application:

  • Open Paytm application on your mobile phone
  • Click on ‘Recharge & Pay Bills’
  • Scroll down to the ‘Featured Services’ section and click on ‘LIC / Insurance’
  • Select your Insurer and enter the required details such as Policy Number, Date of Birth etc.
  • Click on ‘Get Premium’ to check your premium amount online

On Paytm’s Official Website

  • Go to the ‘Insurance Premium Payment’ page on Paytm
  • Select your Insurer
  • Enter the required details such as Policy Number, Date of Birth etc.
  • Click on ‘Get Premium’ to check your premium amount online

It is that simple to check your insurance premiums online on Paytm. You can also pay your insurance premium on Paytm after you have checked your insurance premium amount. 

Why should you have an Insurance Policy?

Insurance policies benefit us in many ways along with the coverage that they provide in the hour of uncertainty. Here are some of the most important perks for having an insurance policy:

  • Insurance Coverage: This is the primary benefit and reason for getting an insurance policy. If the uncertainty falls under the domain of the policy, then you can get coverage for the same as per the policy.
  • Cash Flow Management: This is rather an advantage that isn’t talked about a lot. In an hour of uncertainty, the burden of paying for the losses can put a lot of pressure on the individuals and the family. So, when the sum is being covered by the insurance policy then it takes the burden off their shoulders.
  • Tax Benefits: Apart from the coverage, having insurance policies tax benefits as well. You can get tax exemptions under sections 80C, 80D, and 10D.

Having an insurance policy is a must as it helps us in the hour of uncertainty as they provide coverage for such unforeseen situations. You can check your insurance premium amount online before you make payment on platforms like Paytm by following a few simple steps.

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