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Our Heritage Journal which brings together discourses of Heritage and management, and aims to expand the current practices of heritage conservation to that of heritage management. It strives to bring about inclusion of heritage in all relevant policies and decisions of the country and make people aware about the imperative need to preserve the cultural assets of the nation. Our Heritage Journal  aims to achieve its vision by offering quality academic and executive publication to create motivated professionals; through research, documentation and publications; by organising national and international seminars, conferences and symposia to expand and explore successful heritage experiences and practices from across the world; offer consultancy to heritage stakeholders and provide inputs for policy making.
To this end, Our Heritage Journal attempts to explore new territory by promoting interdisciplinary research into the relevance and meaning of Heritage Management and addresses the challenge of applying traditional management theories and techniques to the field of heritage preservation. It is global in its outlook while being rooted to the issues posed by the common cultural heritage of India/South Asia and Southeast Asia.
The Editorial Board and the Advisory Board of the Journal is constituted of experts, scholars and practitioners from all over the world and reflects the multicultural and multi disciplinary approach of the Journal to this emerging field. The Journal aims at giving equal importance to both the theory of heritage as well as to the practise of its conservation.

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Our Heritage
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