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EDUindex is dedicated to publish scientific research journals, e-books and printed books in English and other languages in India and worldwide. Our publishers are in sharing of new and recent scientific knowledge in the field of Biological sciences, Life sciences, Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Arts and Humanities, field of Computer world and Engineering Sciences in India and around worldwide. Our publications are available in online and also printed form of Books and Journals. Darshan Publishers publishes original scientific research articles, review, short communications, case reports and books. We anticipate that our rapid production services in this field will allow to top-end research work to reach its audiences quickly. 



EDUindex Publishers is dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. EDUindex Publishers and its members inspire a global community through its publications, conferences and professional and educational activities. We ensure that scientists and researchers get the recognition and rewards that they deserve and the opportunity to play a significant role in the global scientific community.

To contribute in the growth and applications of Research and Technology by contributing recent and latest information contained in research articles, that build insight understanding, in turns, enable them for advancements in research activities, to publish the new discoveries in various areas of science, to effectively support information exchange amongst scientists on a global level. We are dedicated to provide an active forum to the global scientific community for publishing and disseminating high quality research work in their field. All Research Journals articles will be freely distributed and available to the global community.


We are proud to play a vital role in the researcher and technical communities in the world, by contributing the advancements of these critical fields, by delivering recent and current information and innovative research tools to researchers, scientists, scholars, educators and practitioners in the worldwide. 


It is available in the Online and Print form of books and journals.
Our publishers are always open access, peer-reviewed, High indexed in scientific research journals
It is fast-track peer-reviewed by national and international scientific members.
Communication of authors to get the manuscript status from time to time.
Full-text availability of articles in the form of PDF
Online submission is fast and efficient
Rapid publication of research articles
A broad-ranging open access online journal.
Eminent editorials from thought out the world.
Our journal indexed in different reputed publisher databases.