How to Convert Kruti Dev to Mangal Unicode Font

Why Conversion to Unicode font is Required

Kruti Dev (Devanagari: कृतिदेव), also spelled as Kritidev or Krutidev, is a legacy Devanagari font which became very popular both in printing as well as on the Internet. Kruti Dev typing is often learned by professional Hindi typists who look to enhance their skills by learning to type on computer. This font is free and uses a Remington type-writer layout.
It provides the facility to convert both ways; i.e. from Krutidev to Unicode as well as Unicode to Krutidev.
If you have any legacy text typed in Krutidev font, and you want to put it on Internet, you can use this tool to do the conversion. Unicode text can be read on any computer without requiring the installation of any special software. Converted Unicode text can be pasted anywhere, for example, email, Facebook, Twitter, MS Word document etc. Many publisher like Drishtikon Prakashan, they ask to submit papers in Mangal unicode fort for publication. 

Convert Kruti Dev(legacy) To Unicode(Mangal) Font

How to Convert Kruti Dev to Managal Unicode Font

It's very easy and simple to Convert Kruti Dev Hindi Font to Unicode Hindi Font. This conversion tool can convert any legacy Hindi font to Unicode. Krutidev is a legacy font and this tool will convert it to Unicode (Mangal) font. you can use converted Unicode font anywhere on Internet such a Gmail, twitter, facebook, forums, comments anywhere you want to type in Hindi use Unicode it will show in Hindi everywhere. so get ready type or paste your Kurti dev font in the given box and click the convert button to get Unicode font. First past the Kruti Dev font content in Box 1 and then click. The converted text to Mangal font will be shown in box 2. 
Copy the Unicode font from box 2 and paste where you want. 
LINK to Convert Kruti Dev to Mangal Font for Scholars who wish to get published in online Hindi journals. This site is very useful for those who are looking for getting the Kruti Dev font converted to Mangal Unicode font. 


Computers display Kruti Dev as if they are some Greek or Latin fonts unless they are not in Unicode. This is why Hindi messages sent on the Internet must be in Unicode. But sending dialog in Hindi Unicode on the internet is a crooked pudding.

Kruti dev, which is a major means of working on computers in Hindi, is the only font and the messages written in this font are not in Unicode. We have designed this small web tool to encounter this problem. Here you can openly type in Kruti dev and the message will be in Unicode which you can send to anyone through Copy-Paste.