UGC-CARE List now has only TWO groups

The UGC-CARE List now has only TWO groups, instead of the original FOUR groups to simplify the search process. These are NOT hierarchic or ranked groups. 

Journals found qualified through UGC-CARE protocols 
Journals indexed in globally recognised databases

UGC-CARE related services and CARE protocols being circulated on any platform are not endorsed by the UGC or any of its officers. The UGC is not responsible for any list put up by any person, company or institution.
UGC has not authorized anybody to compile a UGC-CARE List, nor authorized any company, person or institution to help authors publish in UGC-CARE listed Journals.
The UGC only adheres to the official list on UGC-CARE website. Any claims to the contrary are false, and the UGC is NOT responsible for such services being offered by anybody.
UGC-CARE List now has only TWO groups

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Note: UGC-CARE List Group II

Journals indexed in globally recognized databases.

No further analysis of these journals will be done by the UGC Cell and all such journals are included in the UGC-CARE List.

These journals are part of UGC-CARE List as Group II and searchable through following links.Web of Science

Arts & Humanities Citation Index.
Science Citation Index Expanded.
Social Sciences Citation Index.Scopus
Scopus Source List


Several journals are common in Web of Science and Scopus databases, so the total number does not represent the actual number of titles.

The journals indexed in globally recognized databases. The journals which are discontinued/ inactive in these databases certainly won’t find a place in Group II of the UGC-CARE List.