Conference Paper Publication in UGC Care Listed Journal

Conference papers can be published by the organizer as Abstract Book with IBN, Proceedings with ISSN & ISBN and Special Issue in UGC Care Listed journal. Basic difference and necessary detail with links of above publications type can be found by writing a mail to
 Detail for Publication of conference special issue in EDUINDEX journals is given here.

Conference Special Issue in the Journal

Conference organizers are invited to publish the special issue in EDUindex journals for the rigorously peer-reviewed articles that were exhibited in their conference, symposium or workshop. Including papers in the special issue will depend on the quality of the article, we will require reviewing reports as well as the reviewer’s detail for each article.
Note: Special issue publication is free if EDUINDEX already agrees to publish the conference proceedings and the remaining time in the event is more than 4 months. Otherwise, you have to contact us for a quote by providing conference and organizing institution detail-

Procedure for publishing a special issue

  1. Conference organizers should appoint Guest Editor(s) for the special issue and send their updated CV to EDUINDEX Publisher. The guest editor should not be associated with the editorial board of any questionable publication, we will verify.
  2. The guest editor will be responsible to handle, manage review and all communication related to special issue and articles in this issue. 
  3. On behalf of organizing committee guest editor (s) must write an editorial article for this special issue. Editorial article normally includes summary and perspective of the conference held with a brief statement for publishing special issue.
  4. Conference organizers and editors are free to select their reviewers, but all reviewers must be suitably qualified experts in the field. All reviews must be conducted according to the standard norms and expectations of an ethical review process.  
  5. Detail of reviewer (Name, affiliation, email id) and reviewing comment (if any) should be sent to us with each article.
  6. All paper should be plagiarism free, similarity index should be less than 25%. If plagiarism check has already been done, provide us plagiarism report, otherwise, we will perform plagiarism check for each article before final publication. We may exclude the plagiarised article or send a report to the guest editor for further action/decision.
  7. We require references formatting strictly as per author guideline of the corresponding Journal.
  8. We do not require any copyright transfer, All article will be published with open access under CC BY-NC 4.0 end-user license and the author will be the full copyright holder (Unless specified/transferred to institution) by granting AIJR as the first publisher. 
  9. The guest editor should send all the formatted articles in an editable word file at once as per instruction. We will require at least 6 weeks for copyediting after receiving all the contents.

How to publish a special issue?

Interested conference coordinators should contact us for special issue publication at Conference organizer may select our any journal for publishing special issue depending upon Aims and Scope of the Journal.
Kindly remember that publishing special issue of conference paper in EDUINDEX journals is possible only for original articles which are rigorously peer-reviewed. Otherwise, papers can be published in proceedings. Conference organizers can publish conference proceedings as well as special issue both so that all full-length papers can be included for publication based on their quality. 


If I request both proceedings as well as a special issue, will the paper get published in both?
You have to send those paper separately which need to include in the special issue and only abstract of those papers will appear in the proceedings by indicating the link of the full paper in special issue.
Is it possible to publish the abstracts only?
Abstract of conference papers can be published separately as Abstract book having ISBN
Can the author publish extended conference paper to another journal? 
No, if the conference paper published as a special issue in the journal then the extended conference paper can not be published in another journal. However, If published as proceedings (edited volume) which is not in a journal then an extended paper can be published in most of the reputed journal with 30% additional work or as per their submission policy. Further, if the proceedings get published in a journal then it can not be published in another journal as an extended conference paper.