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Impact of Social Media

The growing use of social media is evident in the society. It has become
a platform for people to communicate with others or to stay in touch with their
friends and family who are in another country or state. It provides many
facilities like information sharing, communication, starting a business, start
an awareness campaigns, etc. the development of technology, especially the
mobile phones, has played an important role in the impact that social media has
created on the people. Social media sites like facebook, twitter, instagram,
pinterest, etc. has become platforms for people to share their photographs or
content online for their viewers to access it. It has also become a platform
for people to share their opinions about various aspects of their life with
others. Social Media has also paved a way for many small businesses to have an
online platform; many existing businesses are now turning to social media to
expand themselves in the online world. 


Social media can be termed as a unique platform because it is easily
accessible to most of the people around the world. Majority of the younger generation,
teenagers, and middle-aged people contribute to the highest percentage of the
total social media user population. From the business perspective, social media
opens possibilities of direct access to clients without any third party
intervention. Advertising using social media is cost friendly as compared to
the costs of the print, TV, or any other media. Also the businesses have the
option to promote their products to the target audience that they have the
freedom to choose based on their products.

Social media is present everywhere creating an impact on different walks
of life. Most of the times, the social media is used by people to support any
issue or any cause they relate to or feel strongly about. It is also used by
people to build their image and to demonstrate who they are and what they stand
for. They can also participate and get a feeling of involvement in things that
are currently happening in the world.


Social media has the following

  1.  Impact on the society – almost a quarter of the world’s population use facebook
    and as the social networks grow due to the interaction between people, they
    become more and more powerful. Each person can now share their point of view
    online as they know they are not alone. Through the help of social media, the
    social, ethical, environmental, and political ills in the society come into the
    mainstream and give people the right to voice out their views for the same.

  2. Impact on commerce
    – many of the
    organizations are now reaching out to its customer through either one of the
    social media platform, thanks to its growing use. Many businesses use the
    social media platform to connect with the customers, build revenue, generate
    insights, stimulate demands, and create targeted product offerings.

  3. Impact on the
    world of work
    – sites like LinkedIn are important
    social media platforms that are used by people to find employment and to stand
    out in their profession. Social media has had a great impact on the recruitment
    and hiring processes of the companies. Also the candidates who develop skills
    in the latest and most advanced social media techniques are the preferable
    choice for being employed.


Social media has the following challenges that are
posed for its user:

  1.  Lack of Privacy
    – many of the users end up sharing too much information on the online profiles
    that should not be made available for the public eye. By the time they realize their
    mistake; it becomes late and cause problems for the individual. Stalking,
    identity-theft, personal attacks, and misuse of private information are the
    most common issues faced by many users on the social media.

  2. Deteriorating relationships
    the increasing use of social media is affecting the relationships that people
    have with their families or their friends. People are now forming artificial
    bonds and cherishing them over the bond with actual people. The friends on the
    social media lack the intimacy of the conventional friendship that a person had
    where one gets to know each other or gets to meet each other face to face.

  3. Cyber bullying
    – it is the most common thing that people face, especially teenagers, online. Teens
    have a notion that they have to fit in, or to be popular, or to do have better
    content than others due to which they have immense stress leading to mental
    illness. Teenagers mostly use the social media platform to spread rumors about
    each other, share content that has the potential to ruin someone’s reputation,
    or to blackmail others.

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