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It's Okay to Be You

How many of you are a priority of yourself? A few right? Yep ofcourse how would you ever be able to put yourself first when all you have done throughout your life is to keep your loved ones ahead.

Well, without any doubt, that’s one of the most beautiful gestures for our loved ones. But seldom do we often forget to nurture and cherish ourselves in between the rush of seeking love from others. You, yes you, my lovely reader! You are no less than a miracle. The way you radiate smiles and comfy vibes to the people around you is exactly what they seek for. Okay, well can you do me a favor? Just close one of your eyes and read this. Now flaunt your teeth. Yes, perfect see you are almost there! Now flaunt it a little more, see, see it changing into a precious smile of yours, making your cheeks happier.

This person in you, smiling right now is the person you wish to see with yourself throughout right? The happy little kiddo who longs to smile the happiest but is trapped by the thoughts and doubts over self. It happens that we get conscious of ourselves and often get triggered negatively by some of the things said by people to us. When being poked for acting childishly or laughing louder or even not sitting properly or just being a kid while playing with a baby, you might feel yourself bounded and think that you should act your age right? But let me tell you, there is nothing in this world that can tell you how to act. It is about the things you feel the happiest doing. It is about what puts on a smile on your face when everybody let you down. It is about how you recreate your mischives in this busy running life.

It is how you live life. It is about how you feel alive. It is about being yourself. It is about loving yourself.

Remember this, It is always okay to be YOU. Living a life without regrets is way better living a life with restrictions i.e living a life of your choice is always happier than living the one through the minds of others.

We often come across experiences in our lives that compells us to feel harsh and foul about ourselves. There comes a time when all you feel for yourself is hatred and blame yourself for all the deeds you have done. In the haphazard of life, you let the sadness and despair of you conquer the reality of you. We seek for faults we never commited. We push ourselves into that zone where there is nobody to pull you out. Even after knowing this, we do this because we just don’t know how to deal with all of it.

I want you to know that It is okay. It is okay to commit mistakes, it is okay to feel things, it is okay to let yourself go through it. But what not okay is to let yourself be consumed by all of it. When we give thousands of chances for improvement to others for their endless mistakes then why not one to yourself? Even when you feel it yourself that how guilty you are for each of your bad deeds and knowing that you are working on it. Still why do we stop ourselves from letting ourselves out from the dark? Because you think you don’t deserve to be healed? Or maybe you feel it is all the punishment for your deeds? Just know that it is never wrong to go and love yourself.

You are a person to be loved. You are somebody who needs to be cherished for all the beauty you hold. There are flaws in everybody. What matters is how you embrace and flaunt your flaws. What matters is how you heal your scars and shine from within. What matters is how you accept the way you are and step ahead towards your growth. What matters is how you create a piece of art from those broken pieces of yours.

You are beautiful when you act as a child because that is the kid within you living your childhood again. You are beautiful when you laugh the hardest because that is how the happiest you look likes. You are beautiful just the way you are because that’s how you have mended all your pieces together to form this masterpiece.

Art is what runs in the veins of you. You are a miracle so glorious that not everybody has the vision to adore it. A beauty not everyone can understand. But see here you are, here I am who knows how vulnerable you are. How sensitive and lovely you are and how much love and care you need. If you know it all now, just be the person to love yourself endlessly and cherish every scar and sight of you. It is always okay to live the life you wished to live. It is always okay to be in love with yourself. It is always okay to put yourself first.

It is always okay to treat yourself the way you dreamt of treating your loved ones. It is okay, it is all okay for the time you love yourself.

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