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We live in Deeds Not in Years

God has not sent us into the world to partake the feast spread before us. Life is not festival but an obligation. For his life, man owes his debut to his parents ,ancestors,fellowmen,and to other beings. The meaning of life is realised when we fulfil these obligations. The debts are paid through our actions, big or small. It is wrong to believe that big deeds only matter and nameless actions go abegging.Each people who put his worth in fulfilment of his duties and obligations,performs great deeds.The true greatness of man comes out" in little unremembered act of kindness and love".A great heroism is required in doing small deeds.

 In this world ,we are not meant to bear flower and fruit. If we do noble deeds, these deeds bring us contentment and build up our self reliance.Our deeds are our fruits. We leave behind us the memory of our heroic deeds.one who lives long without doing anything ,is forgotten as soon as he dies.No poet will sing his praises and he would die "unwept unhonoured and unsung".it is only deeds which makes us lamented and remembered.

It is not the size or amount of work which counts.one work faithfully done is more valuable than a hundred done half heartedly.It is laid down in Gita,"you have right to the deeds only and never to its results".To do is man's duty and reward is in the hands of God.The essence of life is energy, and energy is manifested in action.

True life does not consists in the length  of our existence on Earth but in noble and heroic deeds performed by us.Just to sleep,eat and live the prescribed course of life ,is not living at all.Noble deed alone establish his divinity.

It is often seen in the case of great souls  that their noble achievements were won in comparatively short lives.Alexander conquered many countries and died at 33 yrs of age.swami vivekananda  died young but brought revolution in the world of Religion.shelly and keats name found in English poetry who died early. 

Thoughts lie hidden in our minds and they cannot be understood.This thoughts are translated into action that they are evaluated. Therefore not only deeds but the way in which we perform them, gives significance to life.salvation lies in action and the ever -abiding truth remains that work alone is workship.life is earnest,is real and we are here not to play,to dream and to drift.

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