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Communal Tensions

Communal means
pertaining to a community engaged in or involving two or more communities. A community
consists of
people organised
into a social unit. In India, a community is often organised on the basis of
caste or religion. It is something that constitutes a common interest, common
language, common government which is formed by any number of individuals.

India is a multi linguistic, multi religious, and
multi racial country. We can find conflicts between different groups of people
based on the caste, religion and race. After India gained its independence,
which was on the basis of Hindu and Muslim communities i.e. India and Pakistan,
it flamed the communal riots among the Hindus and the Muslims where millions
were rendered homeless while many lost their homes but the worst part was that
it gave rise to communal tension which has not been put to an end till now.

Communal tensions rise when there is contradiction
between two groups on the question of language, community, culture, etc. During
the Mughal rule, Aurangzeb inflicted much injustice and misery on the Hindus
and in return, many Hindu rulers retaliated in a violent way. Many parties were
also started based on the communal interests which led to conflicts. When the
communities live as a separate section, there is a chance to develop tensions
between them because of their varied modes of life. Hatred and disgust is also another
cause for the communal tension which can arise on false thoughts which are
based on ignorance.

Some of the social causes also promote communal
tensions. Muslims slaughter cow and this injures the feelings of the Hindus
whereas many Hindus find it objectionable to form a close relationship with Muslims
as they follow another religion. The different customs followed by these
communities is also a reason for them to look at each other in a slightly
different manner.

For communal harmony, it is necessary to make a
concerted effort and both the government and the people have to co-operate if
any success is to be achieved in this regard. The mass media should be used in
a form of creating a healthy national opinion. Historical events where both the
hindus and the muslims worked together for the national interest should be
promoted. The political parties which are formed on the basis of communalism
should be banned and there should be formation of youth organization which
should include people from both the communities.

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