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Corona virus Cases cross 21 lakh in India

The corona virus infection in India has hit the mark of
21.5 lakh as new cases are being added daily. In a matter of one day, 64000 new
cases have been added, making India the world’s third worst infected country. This
also includes over 43000 deaths and more than 14.8 lakh patients who have
recovered. India added has added over 5 lakh cases in the last 10 days. The
rate of recoveries is also on the rise. Recovered cases are now more than
double that of active cases. This, however, does not necessarily count as a
sign of relief or an indication that the country has hit its peak.

The increase in the cases can also be due to the
testing drive which the governments of different states have started in order
to ensure that the community spread of the virus is avoided. Another reason for
the rapid spread of this virus can be large population of the country and the
unhygienic places that most people live in. many argue that the
lock down was never
the correct solution for fighting the virus as it only gave more time to make
people aware about the adversity that the virus can cause. After the government
had eased the restrictions, people were quick to go out to live a normal life,
the one they had before the lock down.

The rise in the cases is also because of the
carelessness of the people. The government has made it mandatory to wear masks
whenever going out, but the neglecting nature of the people is such that until
and unless a police officer is in their site they will not wear a mask. As the
government is easing down the restrictions, the people are more than eager to
go out and lead a normal life and our meeting their friends, going to public
places, or restaurants, etc. the conflict between the centre and state
governments is making it difficult to ensure the availability of the resources
necessary for the treatment of the patients.

Thus, we as individuals need to understand that even
though every restriction is slowly coming down, it does not mean that we need
to go all haywire and try to live the same way as we did earlier because it is
being claimed that we now need to learn to live with the virus by wearing
masks, practicing social distancing, and maintaining personal hygiene.

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