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The New Normal

The pandemic of Covid-19 has greatly affected not only
the health of the people but also their lives. There is a daily increase in the
cases of patients who are being infected by the virus along with the rise in
the recovered patients. There has also been an impact on the economy of the
country as businesses have been shut, and people are facing unemployment. The
living standard of the people has also seen quite a change as people are now
opting for the lifestyle that is far from luxurious because of the financial
crunch they are facing.
 The pandemic has also taught us the importance of self
hygiene as well as hygiene around us. It also made us realise the need to spend
the time with our families which we were unable to do with regard to our busy
schedules. As there was a lockdown, as a preventive measure against the virus, people had the opportunity to try out new things as well as work on their

During the lockdown, proper hand washing techniques as
well as keeping a sanitizer handy were the policies adopted and preached by the
people. Wearing masks while going out and practicing social distancing were
also two important measures that each individual opted for and is abiding by
it. However, these measures are something that we should be continuing to use
even when the complete lockdown is lifted; as the virus is something that is
not going away anytime soon and we need to learn to live with the virus instead
of living in the fear of it.

The concepts of work from home as well as online classes
were the new methods that companies and schools/colleges opted for so that
neither the working nor the education stops. These concepts quickly gained
popularity among people as well as have been the preferred method for them. Many
schools have even resumed the online classes for the session of 2020-2021 as
normal wherein the children are taught the lectures online and are given assignments
as homework. Many employees are willing to continue this mode of work as they
feel that they are more relaxed while working from home and the environment for
work is also easy-going.

Many individuals have inculcated cooking skills in
them as they are everyday trying to learn new recipes and sharing them on the
social media to inspire others. The people have also learned the importance of
home cooked food and the fashion of eating fast food is also seeing a decrease.
People are also inclined to learning new things and are enrolling themselves in
various online courses, workshops, seminars etc.

Many people are and will be facing a new type of issue
i.e. Adjustment Issue. Most of us might be apprehensive to go out due to the
fear of virus or many would and are finding it difficult to wear masks or
adapting to the new lifestyle. However, they must understand that these
measures are for our own benefit and for our protection from the virus. Thus,
people must wear masks whenever they go out and must also practice social
distancing. They should also maintain personal hygiene by constantly washing
hands for 20 seconds and avoid touching any surface when they are out. 


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