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CHUNA : A Magical Medicine

Chuna is a very familiar name also known as lime or calcium hydroxide.It is used for various purposes.But most importantly it is used to cure many health related issues.

Chuna that is used for eating is called edible chuna because it is the pure form of it. In ancient times people used to eat chuna by applying it on the beetle leaves because it has many benefits.

Benefits of Chuna

1.It is a good source of calcium
Calcium is very important for our body because it helps to strengthen our weak bones.Intake of calcium is necessary for each age group. But women above the age of 30 and old age group need more calcium for their body. So they have to take calcium supplements.Intake of chuna as calcium supplement can help to restore calcium in their body.

2.Helps to make teeth stronger
   As chuna is a good source of calcium it helps to make our teeth stronger and prevents from early falling of teeth.

3. Increases  height

One of the main problems of children is related with their height. Everyone want a good height.So if you want to increase your height take chuna regularly.

4. Periods 
Women's who do not have their periods regular  or have very bad cramps during periods should take chuna regularly. Chuna helps to ease their problems. 

5. Helps to boost memory
 People who have problem in memorizing and tends to forget things easily,should intake chuna. It is  also very helpful for people suffering with Alzheimer disease.

6. Helps to cure jaundice
 If you are suffering from jaundice you should intake chuna by mixing it in water. It helps to cure jaundice.

7. Digestion 
Intake of chuna increases the level of gastric juices which  helps in proper digestion. Those who have the problem of constipation should intake chuna.

8.  Eyesight 

 Regular intake of chuna mixed with water helps to improve eyesight. Those who wear spectacles  should intake chuna.

9. Pregnancy

During pregnancy women body requires  an lot of calcium to strengthen her and fetus bones.So intake of chuna helps to provide calcium during this period. Regular intake of chuna helps to reduce labor pain. Take grain size amount of chuna, mix it in the pomegranate juice and drink it daily. From this pregnant women gets both calcium and iron. It also helps to prevent miscarriage.

10. Inflammation  of Joints 
People have problem of inflammation of joints due to the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D. Inclusion of chuna in the diet helps to prevent such diseases due to regular supply of calcium.

11. Anemia 
Anemia is a condition under which hemoglobin is less than the normal. Intake of chuna helps to increase hemoglobin.

12. Knee pain
 Those who have the problem of knee pain should regular intake chuna to get relief from such pain.

13. Menopause 
Women suffers with many problem when menopause starts. To have relief from such problem take  chuna regularly.

 Directions for use

Take grain size amount of chuna, mix it in the water and drink it daily. Do not take a large amount of chuna as it may result in bloating and gas.Those who have problem of kidney stones should not take chuna.

Availability of chuna
Edible chuna can be easily available at panwari shops and online stores.It has so many benefits but still its price is very low and anyone can afford it .


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