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FLAX SEEDS: Best for Health and Longevity

Flax seeds are also known as linseed. It is a flowering plant called Linum usitatissimum.It is a food and fiber crop grown in temperate region.

Flax seeds has been used for thousand of years and they also form an essential part of our diet. It is best for health and longevity of life. It contains 800 times more lignin than any other food plant. It is one of the best vegetarian source of omega-3 found in salmon. 50 gm of flax seeds is equivalent to that found in 3-ounce of salmon serving. It also contains omega-6 and omega-9. It is a rich source of iron,calcium and protein. Amino acid found in flax seed are the one's which human body can't generate on its own.

Uses of Flax Seeds
According to a research, intake of omega-3 provides benefit in many diseases. By consuming flax seeds, we have the following benefits:-
1.Presence of high fiber and low carbohydrates in flax seeds helps in controlling weight as it reduce our appetite.

2.Intake of flax seeds decreases the LDL cholesterol, which reduces the chance of having heart diseases.Omega-3 fats does not allow blood vessels to get blocked. Through this omega-3 cleans our blood vessels. It helps in smooth flow of the blood. Omega-3 is very useful for the blood vessels.

3.Flax seeds have different types of antiviral properties, which protects us from frequent cold and flu ailments.

4. Omega-3 present in flax seeds does not allow clotting of blood. As blood clots increases the chances of having stroke,heart attack, etc.

5. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B that are present in flax seeds help to  reduce dark marks and spots on face. It makes the skin glow and prevents pimples.

6. Flax seeds keeps are digestive system healthy. Intake of these seeds helps to cure the swelling in the stomach.Person get a better health when problems related to digestion ends.

7. Omega-3 boost the memory and concentration. It is good for the brain. Effective in Alzheimer disease.

8. Omega-3 helps to improve eyesight. Also effective in cataract and glaucoma. Use of flax seed makes  the eyesight sharp.

9. Intake of 15-20 gm flax seeds with aloevera, helps to reduce constipation.

10.Flax seeds balances women hormones so that danger of early menopause can be eliminated. Intake of flax seeds in the breakfast helps to regulate periods and eases period cramps.

11.Flax seeds are effective in high blood pressure.

12.Old age problem of knee pain can be reduced by intake of flax seeds.

13.Presence of antioxidants in flax seeds helps to cure different types of cancer.

13.Omega-3 is called feel good food as it keeps our mind and soul happy.

14.Omega -3 is very beneficial for our hair and nails.

15.Flax seeds are extremely high in soluble and insoluble fibers.

16.Flax seeds detoxifies cells.

17.It is very rich in calcium and iron.

18.It helps to prevent anemia.

19.It helps to burn fats

Roast the flax seeds before use to get a better taste.
Take 1 tablespoon of flax seeds three times a day after every meal.

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