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Superstitions lead people towards a kind of darkness, it takes people to wrong intensions. In the list of Indian evils, this superstitions is also a part. Superstitions were actually created and introduced by humans, especially some group of humans created these for  their daily survival and livelihood. Superstitions include many things. Luckily in our Indian constitution, some of them were abolished or removed like Untouchability. Here I am going to discuss some of them which I know and I'm going to relate them with some examples that I heard and I experienced. So, let's start.


1. Firstly, I want to discuss about Amavasya. It is said that during Amavasya we should not start any new program or work. Now I'm going to relate with an example of My personal experience, It was said not to take me from my grandma's home along with my mom when I was a child as it was Amavasya, as women spent some days after giving birth to child I and My mom were there for some days. But My father is against to all these things and he wantedly brought me and my mom from there. And the same thing he did was he has joined me in school for the first time on the day of Amavasya itself, but you know what, till now nothing bad happened to me and my family and I am in the protection of My God. So, it is proven wrong.

2.Let me share another one, When girls are on periods they are not allowed to pray God and go near God, that too in some communities and religions. Now an example relating to it, A girl went to a temple of Goddess Kali I suppose, and that statue is having blood in her mouth, and this girl asked her mother, mother it is said that girls who are on periods, they should not go to Temple and God, but why this Goddess is having blood in her mouth, she asked her mother and the mother was shocked and had no answer to it. Do you have answer for this? even I was surprised when I heard about this.

3.This one is also the same thing, but a little different angle,  it is also said that girls at the time of their menses they are not supposed to touch anything or anyone in the house and in some aspects they are kept out of the house. To hear itself, it is so wired and disgusting, right? I don't say that everyone will follow this, because, for example me and my family, we just don't follow all this rubbish but most of the Indians especially some group of people belonging to a particular community and religion follow this. And coming to the example, recently I came to know about this in news, a old women who is in her menses was put out of the house as they don't her, it was a forest kind of area, and at night while everyone was asleep, a snake entered her tent and bit her , then she was taken to hospital on their hands, I don't understand why don't you allow her inside instead of taking her to hospital after something bad has happen, at least then you have to touch her, right?. I felt very bad when I have seen this.

Yeah I have many more but I don't have the examples to make things clear. To name some, a black cat should not come before us when we are going to start or do something, and some construct house according to some directions, do not sweep after sunset, do not cut nails at night, Wearing gemstones brings good fortune, Not To Sleep Facing The North, Broken Mirrors, Adding One Rupee To A Gift Sum, Twitching Eyes and many more like this. But I don't say that all these are rubbish but some of these have scientific reasons, but making or implementing them very heavily in life may make us stupid's

So, I say that some of these are really stupid and foolish. So, I don't support and encourage those foolish things. And what's your opinion. Feel free to comment and express.

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