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How Psychology has affected my life?

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It takes the
innocence out of everything. You don't see love (or any other feeling) as love
but dig deep to uncover a subconscious need. Of course, that usually turns out
to be true, in which case it worsens the lack of spontaneity. A psychologist
will define it or forever be in pursuit of the meaning behind it. Some people's
brains are like that. They're good at it. But nobody likes to be under a
scanner all the time. It's unnerving.

 Psychology softens
one's understanding of oneself.  But the same distance or unattached
empathy has to be maintained to achieve that. At first, psychology and its
study is a way to answer personal conflicts. Studying psychology has affected
and taught me to recognize and check my biases. I used to think that I was fair
and unbiased in how I viewed other people and myself. I have learned about
various psychological errors and biases which made me realize how wrong I was.

 Psychology is all
about observing how we behave and why behave that way in every situation of our
life. It changes your way of approaching a problem or situation drastically and
you can find a solution easily to any problem. It changed my way of thinking
and increased my maturity level to better standards. Now I'm able to receive
people as they are without judging them and able to find out the root causes of
my emotional problems and carefully editing my emotions.

 It's an old saying:
For the world, a psychologist is crazy; for a psychologist, the
whole world is crazy
." This is so true. We consider a psychologist as
a mental. We fail to understand the benefits which we can derive from a
psychologist or simply by studying psychology. In today's world of rush, it's
hard to keep yourself calm and your mind in peace. Psychology helps you to deal
with that. So, it is very much needed in today's world. 

 They say that
knowledge is power, and indeed it's true that studying certain subjects gives
you an edge over others, and in life in general. Psychology proved to be one of
those. It helps in inculcating various skills that are relevant in today's
world. Along with my problem, psychology has helped me in developing five major
skills which are: communication skills, critical thinking skills, insight into
people's behavior skills, research skills, and understanding skills.

 In a nutshell, a
mind is a powerful tool, and psychological insight can hone it into something
invincible. It has the power to change your perspective and outlook. It has the
power to change you into a better person. Studying psychology has proved to be
a blessing for my life and it has affected my life positively.


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