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Wrong Number


                                                                       (Photo: Pexels)

Love is perennially elusive – but not impossible to find. And I
was lucky enough to find him.

This is my story, my real true love story, and it also happens to
be my life’s most beautiful story.

I fell in love with his voice. I didn’t know that my life was
going to change. And that momentous evening changed my entire life!!

‘Trin – Trin’

‘Hello! Who’s it?’ my voice demanded.

‘Hey! It’s me, Arpit. Hello Puja. Don’t you recognize my voice?’

‘Sorry, wrong number.’ I cut him in short. I was in class 8 at
that time and about him, we will know it soon. The next day, the phone rang
again and it was him again.  From there,
our conversation began. I have never heard such a sweet voice, plus it was my
first time talking with a random guy like this. I felt magic in his voice.
Every time I hear his voice, I can feel Euphoric bliss.

His name was Arpit Sehgal and he belonged to Bhubhaneshwar.
He was doing engineering. We belonged from two different worlds plus such an
age gap, so I decided to lie and I said that my name is Preeti Singhania, doing
B.com Hons. Our talks continued and we beautifully got used to each other’s
voices. We were each other’s crushes until he finally said that he loves me. I
replied, “I LOVE YOU MORE”.

The moon flickered, vaporized. I was in love with him. I felt an
eccentrically wonderful pull towards him. It seems like I have been waiting
agelessly for him to come and refill my empty soul. Our late-night talks,
secret messages, hiding from our parents, all these became part of our lives.

Years passed, seasons passed. I recalled our telephonic
conversations. I felt at moments the entire wealth of the world had fallen into
my lap but at others it made me feel so insecure. The time had come when I was
about to leave for my higher studies. A shiver of cold ran down my spine. Arpit was already in my heart!

I longed to be his.

I dialed his number to confess. I was not feeling well. It was
raining down heavily at his side.

“Hi, baby!” “Hello, Shona!”

He has already sensed from my voice that I was not well. He said, "I wish I could make you feel the warmth of my body.” I didn’t have the guts. I
called him again at night and I lied again.

“I’m having cancer and I will die possibly again.” He started
crying. He asked me to not worry and that he will leave everything and come to
me to take care of me. I couldn’t hold it more and gave him my promise.

“If ever you have truly loved me even for once, then you won’t
call or text me from now.” The next voice I could hear was him asking, “Will
you marry me?”

And the call got disconnected.

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