How to prepare for a technical interview | 6 Topics to prepare for your Interview

How to prepare for a technical interview

How to prepare for a technical interview which will help you to get placed? The syllabus of computer science is very vast in that case Preparation tips for Technical Interviews will definitely help you to focus on the target topics. It is impossible to cover every topic in depth especially when you have less time left for the interview. If you start covering everything little by little and with the correct strategy, you can gain what most students can lack.

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Qualifying technical round is not tough and if done with proper planning, everything can be achieved. Let us look at the most important topics:

6 Topics to prepare for your Interview:

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  1. C- Programming:

C-Programming is a very basic programming language to start coding.  Mostly it is taught in 1st year of your college. It can be an advantage if you have already covered this language during your schooling and then college provides you enough time to revise the topics. But if you are doing it for that first time do not worry it is still not late to get started with C programming.


Where should you start learning C programming:

I myself started learning C programming when I took admission in an engineering college, and this is how I started:

  • C programming tutorials on Naresh IT channel with instructor Shriniwas on Youtube.
  • C programming with Sourabh Shukla on Youtube.
  • Many practice question sites are better, to begin with.
  • Online portals like Sololearn, Geekforgeek are awesome with their educational material.

These resources really helped me, and I will be glad if you too can be helped with these.

C Programming Interview questions: 

  • Chances of mostly tricky questions to check how and what logic will you apply for the real-world problem.
  • Don’t forget to revise basic concepts and all the definitions, the inventor name, loop, if-else, pointers, strings, recursion, and application along with Tower of Hanoi problems.
  • Also, check for Interview Questions in C
  1. Data Structures:

    1. This is the most important area where you can expect a guaranteed question,
    2. Algorithms like Sorting, Time and Space Complexities of algorithms.
    3. Dynamic Allocation of Memoryusing malloc( ) and calloc( ) functions.
    4. Tree traversals
    5. Stacks and Queues and their operations and applications.
    6. Linked lists and their Operations performed(ex: insertion, deletion, searching).


  1. Dynamic Programming and usage of it in various problem statements. (ex: Travelling salesperson,0/1 Knapsack, etc).
  2. Calculation of Time and Space Complexitiesof algorithms.
  3. Sorting
  4. Databases:

Mainly DBMS is taught in the 2nd year or after they cover C Programming & Data Structure. SQL (or Oracle) will help you to generate a large database along with queries.

What topics are important in DBMS:

  • DDL, DML, DCL, and TCL commands.
  • SQL constraints like JOIN, NOT NULL, UNIQUE, CHECK.
  • All the keys: primary key, candidate key, super key, and foreign key.
  • Transaction and its types i.e ACID properties.
  • Also, don’t forget to cover the basic interview question of DBMS from google and you can cover them from the trusted education websites.


  1. Computer Networks:

  • Also called Data Communications. Pure theoretical topics which discuss many networking techniques.
  • OSI model and TCP/IP models.
  • IPV4, IPV6, TCP, UDP, Routers, Modems, knowledge about.


  1. Operating Systems:

This could increase your confidence as most of the Operating system topics are theoretical and you can easily cover them all by hand in less than a week.

  • The basic definition of OS, advantages, application, types, etc.
  • All scheduling algorithms PROCESS and CPU scheduling algorithms.
  • DEADLOCK, deadlock prevention, deadlock avoidance, deadlock ignorance, and deadlock detection & recovery


  1. Java(J2SE and J2EE):

  • Difference between C++ and Java.
  • OOPS concepts
  • Types of Overloading.
  • Exception Handling and Multi-tasking (Multiprocessing & Multi-Threading).
  • Collection framework.
  • Servlets and JSP’s.
  • Applet

Revise these all topics as mentioned also check the resources through youtube and many helpful education sites which are doing great in giving students ease to easily read the topics online without notes.


Preparation tips for Technical Interview

These tips helped me so much and I will want you to follow these steps to get well with your topics:

  • Don’t wait for last-minute study for placement rather cover the topic together with your university.
  • Make notes, this is key to success point, how you understand your handwritten notes, you can never understand the same way from any other resource.
  • Keep revising topics in your semester break that will build your concepts more and will make it easy for you in your 4th year of college.
  • If you are unclear with any topic, don’t wait for the instructor to teach you or visit many sites offering you all the materials for free. They are: Geeksforgeeks, Sololearn, Tutorialspoint, Javapoint, etc

If still you remain unclear then watch tutorials from youtube on the topic you are interested in. I hope this helps you, comment below for any further queries/doubt will be happy to help you.

All the Best!

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