About Us

EduINDEX is an international Rating and Evaluation agency working in the field of education. EduINDEX links high achievers from the graduate, and executive communities around the world with leading business schools, postgraduate departments at universities and with employers, through websites, events, e-guides and technical solutions.

EduINDEX organises many education events in the world, EduINDEX Conference, amongst an extensive product range including print and online publications and software solutions.

EduINDEX is the leading global career and education network for ambitious professionals looking to further their personal and professional development. With extensive contacts in the field of higher education, our industry expertise and experience gives us the flexibility to adapt to the needs of our prospective clients.

At EduINDEX we believe that education and career decisions are too important to leave to chance, so we want to ensure candidates have access to the best tools and the best independent expert information before making a decision. Our ambition is to be the world’s leading media, events and software company in the higher education field.