Edited Books

You have done the hard work of writing your best book. We help you turn it into a beautiful, professional book and present it to the world. Publishing the way it should be: easy setup, full control, no inventory, wide distribution. 

Eduindex in collaboration with Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd is providing opportunities to editors to get edited books published. We provide all necessary supports. Write to us at editor@pen2print.org

Editing, design, printing & distribution. Everything you need to put your best book forward.

Sell through Pen2Print, Eduindex, EduPub, Flipkart, Amazon.in. No investment in inventory.
Edited Books on Eduindex

Finalize the Content
Make sure you have dotted your i's and crossed your t’s. Check if you want to revise the manuscript. Fix any grammatical or other errors. Make sure that the content is as it should exactly be in the final book. You can either do it at your end. Or take our professional editing services.
Format the Interior
Before a book can be printed, it needs to be formatted so that it is in the right page size (typically smaller than the default letter or A4 size your manuscript is in), has the right margins, good fonts for body and headings, correct placement of images and tables, table of content, page numbers, headers and footers etc. The exact choice and design of elements depends on the genre, length, target audience and production option of the book, as well as you own aesthetic choices. You can use our specifications to create the files at your end. Or avail our professional formatting services.
Design the Cover
Like it or not, a book is judged by its cover. The cover needs to be well-designed aesthetically, and be of right size technically. Once again, you can use the specifications to design the cover at your end. Or you can use our free tool yantra to create a cover from our templates. Or you can avail our professional services to get a custom cover designed for your book.
Final Approval & Updating Details
If the files are correctly created, they will be approved within 1-2 business days and you would receive relevant link and other details in e-mail.
You can enable the private publishing by changing the option "Who should see the book" from 'Everybody' to 'Only Me' while updating the book details.
Also estimate Price of your book, get an ISBN number or add a copyright detail.