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How Alternate Schools Are Right For Your Child

Is your child is going to attend an alternative school or are you searching for the best option for the child? Well, you do not have to look anymore as attending an alternative high school is the right choice for your kid. These schools are best for some of the schools and can be defined as a school with an unconventional curriculum and teaching methods. Such schools are popular for providing a wide range and definitive learning strategies. These schools are not only famous for their strategies of learning and beliefs but also for the small class sizes, close relation of pupil and teachers, and a sense of responsibility. These schools can be public as well as private. 

Here is how an alternative school is right for your child:

Flexible schedules:
There are various alternative schools which are offering their classes at night. It is very helpful for students who are also earning along with their studies. There are other schools as well where the students are introduced with flexible graduation requirements and give students more than enough choices that they can make. 

This can make the students get ready for their particular field of interest whether it is English, maths, science or other subjects. They can pursue it and make their career in it as well. 

Smaller and convenient class sizes:
Every parent wants their children to study in a less rushed environment. They want the best for their children and want them to be heard in the classroom. Smaller class sizes in Alternative schools have been known to provide the best education among the students.

The smaller classes allow the teachers to focus more on each and every child in the class. Smaller classrooms also make it easier to tailor lessons according to specific student needs. 

Various teaching methods:

Various teaching methods are being inspired by creativity as well as interaction. This can also help students who struggle and face the problem with taking notes all day.

Some students are inclined towards one teaching method and others might be grasping from others. These schools make sure that they are carrying out the teaching part properly and according to every student’s satisfaction. 

Social and mental needs of the students:

It is true that the teachers are there to address your academic needs. But in addition to these, there are other needs such as emotional, mental, and social. These schools help take care of the students in every way possible. Students sometimes need counseling which can help them and make them stand up for themselves.

There are other alternative schools that do not evaluate the students on the basis of grades but provide evaluations that are written.

If you are still doubtful of what alternative schools you want to send your children to, here is the list of some schools from which you can consider.

Top Tips on How to Exercise in Order to Increase Your Work Productivity
Working day in day out, nine ‘til five, five days a week for the vast majority of the year can be exhausting – particularly if you work in a high-pressure or creative environment where you’re required to think innovatively on your feet at all times. Sometimes it feels like you’re so tired out from work that you don’t have time for anything else, whether that be socialising, exercising or taking up a new hobby. But did you know that exercising can actually help you to increase your work productivity? Yep, that’s right. Here are some top tips on how you can exercise well in order to increase your productivity at work.

Is it a Direct Science?
Before we get started on how to go about it, you’ll probably be wondering what the direct correlation between exercise and work productivity actually is. Well you’ll be glad to hear that there are studies that actually have proven that exercising regularly made people not only more productive at work, but they actually achieved more too. In one particular study it was found out that on days when an employee would have worked out, their concentration was twenty one percent higher, they were twenty two percent more likely to finish all of their work on time, they were twenty five percent more likely to work through without taking unscheduled breaks, and they felt more motivated to work by a whopping forty one percent. With statistics like that, who could argue that being fitter doesn’t make you better at your job? Now, where to get started?

Top Tips on How to Exercise in Order to Increase Your Work Productivity

Start with the Mindset that Less is More
Knowing the benefits of exercise, chances are you’ll fancy yourself as lacing up your running trainers, and going out to run a 10k straight away. Unfortunately however, when it comes to exercising, this isn’t the case.
If you’re starting from a high point of fitness, then yes, fair enough push yourself to the maximum level you can go to. However if you’re starting from a low point of fitness, the best way of getting into it is by starting off small and building up over time as your fitness progresses - remember that any change, no matter how small, is good change. The last thing you want to do is do too much in the early days and either injure yourself or put yourself off exercise altogether! Sometimes, slow and steady really does win the race.

Enjoy It
Try and find a form of exercise that you actually enjoy doing. Although you’ll want to enjoy it, also remember that it’s inevitable that you’ll probably sweat a lot, get a stitch and have to catch your breath – but it’s worth it for that feel good feeling afterwards when the endorphins are rushing around your system! Try out a few different classes, and see what’s right for you. Whether you like the tranquil strengthening of yoga, the intensity of a bootcamp work out or you find your enjoyment in lifting weights, the more you enjoy it, the more likely you are to make it a regular occurrence.

Don’t Put Barriers Up
Remember that you are capable of anything you put your mind to – so don’t put barriers up! Do you think your yoga teacher started off as flexible as they are now, or that the weight lifter in the gym was born being able to lift the heaviest weights available? The answer is, no. A lot of the time it’s a mindset, and if you continuously tell yourself “I can’t”, then it’ll stay that way.
Of course it takes hard work, and as previously mentioned you’ll want to ease your way into things, but if you never try then you’ll never know what you’re capable of. Even if your running career starts with you doing a couple of laps around the garden, it’s enough! Don’t limit yourself by telling yourself you can’t do it, or it’s not for you – get out there and give it a go!

Schedule it in
Last, but certainly not least, try and schedule your exercise in. Working zaps so much of our time and energy, that if we don’t literally pencil in times that we’re going to do exercise, chances are we will never get around to doing it. If you make a fitness schedule and stick to it, you’ll see the benefits a lot quicker and be less likely to procrastinate. All the while, don’t forget the health and productivity benefits that exercise induces – it’s all for the greater good!

Children’s education is one of the toughest decisions that parents need to take. And the biggest decision which parents have to take is to send their children into the right school. If you are also the one who is looking for the right school for your children then here are some tips for you. In the US, there are three options for parents to choose the right school and these are private schools, charter schools, and public schools.

According to the public school review, the majority of the students who are studying in public schools come for the families that can’t afford the higher cost of the private schools. It does not mean that the public schools are not offering quality education, however, private schools outperform public schools. Still, in many ways, public schools can be a better option for the overall growth of your child.
Private schools focus only on the academics of the child, on the other hand, public school nurture child in every aspect. Have a look at the public school review and decide what you want for your child.
Public school review
Parents with lower income level and who don’t want to send their children into a private school then the biggest question for them is to choose the right school between a charter and a public school. What if you don’t need to decide between a charter and a public school? Choose a school that is a charter public school.
Let us have a look at the features of public school so that you can take the right decision for your child.
Performance of the schools
Many people consider that a charter school can outperform public schools. But it is not always true, in some cases, public schools outperform the charter schools and this has also been proved by research as well.
Both the charter and the public schools are accessible to all the kids that are not able to afford a good education. However, charter schools can reject an application of a student and that is what makes public schools better. There is no process to take admission in public school, everyone is equal to take admission.
However, the popularity of the charter schools is really very high and most of the people consider charter schools a better option than that of public schools. However, the inconsistency of charter schools can make it even tougher to decide which one to choose. In some areas, charter schools are performing really well however in some areas, these are not performing well. So the decision becomes even tougher.
Both the charter and the public schools are lesser in resources. However, the public schools are in the great need of the resources, still, there is a lack of resources and that is why the level of education can be low. But some public schools are not lacking in resources and even some which are not having many resources are performing really very well in academics.
Which one should you consider? A charter school or a public school
When we compare both the charter and the public schools, most of the parents prefer to go their kids to a charter school rather than choosing a public school for them. Because charter schools tend to be more specific in academics, they are free to design their own curriculum to extend which is the first choice of the parents.
Charter schools are working under private organizations so there is a complete focus on the studies and the performance on the school children. These schools promote a higher level of education so that the performance of the school can be greater. On the other hand, because of the inconsistency and the poor education level and lesser number of resources, some parents don’t prefer to choose a charter school over a public school. Considering these facts, nothing can be clearly said that which one is a better school.
So, if you are still confused which school should you choose for your child? If yes, here is a solution for you!!!
Choose Academia Avance Charter for your children which is a charter public school, the school is a charter cum public school so complete all your needs. Now, you don’t have to confuse between which school is best for your kid, make the right decision for your child.


After completing our class 10th we all choose our streams according to our interests at that time. Some students opted for commerce to make a career in banking or preparing to become a CA. While some opted for humanities to pursue careers in public sectors or teachers
But most of the students aspire to become engineers or doctors someday so, they prepare for arguably the best examination in India, IIT JEE Mains. Although lacs of students appear for the JEE Mains exam only a few thousand seats are available.

Most of the students fail to clear the cutoff of the exam due to a simple reason - Lack of practice. As the students don't know which book to study properly for the examination.

So, how can you prepare for this exam? The answer is simple by studying several previous years question paper and some excellent book. Today we will suggest the Top 5 Best Physics books for preparing the IIT JEE Mains exam and you can easily buy that books by using Aliexpress Promo Codes at reasonable prices.

1. NCERT Book of Physics

Well if you want to start preparing for the JEE Mains you should start from the basic and NCERT is the best book to learn the basics of any subject. In the 11th and 12th class NCERT, the topics are defined thoroughly with sample problems along with the topic. Also, at the end of each chapter, there are more questions for your practice with answers at the back of the textbook.

2. Concepts of Physics Vol. 1 and Vol.2 by H.C. Verma

HC Verma's physics books are one of the most renowned books available in the market. The book is divided into two volumes, Vol.1 covers the entire syllabus of Class 11th while the Vol.2 covers the entire syllabus of Class 12th. If you are looking for some advanced physics problems after completing the NCERT then you should give the books by HC Verma a try.

3. Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday and Resnick

A book which is recommended in institutes like FITJEE and VMC, Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday and Resnick is a book which has several advanced level problems explained in an easy manner. Also, one gets to practice several MCQ questions based on the chapters. Although the book is highly recommended for preparing the IIT JEE Advance due to the easy and understandable language of the textbook, one can use the guidance of this book for preparing for the JEE Mains too.

4. Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov

I.E. Irodov's book, Problems in General Physics is considered to be one of the most difficult books till now. The book contains several numericals and if one wants to solve these questions he should at least know all the basics of Physics. I.E. Irodov's book is recommended in every major institute which helps the students to prepare for competitive exams. So, if your aim is to claim a seat in one of the top IIT colleges in India then make sure to buy this book and at least solve all the questions one time which are given in this textbook.

5. Previous Years Question Papers

Although the previous years' questions are not repeated in the JEE Mains or Advance, one can still have a look at the previous 10 or 20 years question papers. The reason behind this is to have a general idea about the exam pattern and level of questions which are given in the exam. There are several books which give the previous years' question paper in a detailed manner with solutions and answers for every question.

One such book is the 40 Years’ Chapter wise Topic wise Solved Papers (2018-1979) IIT JEE Physics by DC Pandey. As the name suggests the book provides the topic wise and the chapter wise questions which were asked in the past 40 years by JEE Mains. So, do not forget to include this book in your study material when preparing for the JEE Mains Exam.


The above mentioned 5 books are highly recommended for the preparations of the JEE Mains exams but it is not necessary you only prepare from these books only. If you do not understand the language of the book or maybe the questions are too difficult for you to understand then do not hesitate one bit in opting to updated physics books by using Flipkart Offers Today Special Offer.

In the market, there are hundreds of preparation books and mock question paper tests available for you to attempt and prepare accordingly to that. Another way for studying for the JEE Mains exam is to study online courses which help students in completing several topics in a comparatively lesser amount of time. Although opting for a crash course should be considered your last option.


Choosing the perfect school for your child is not an easy task. There is always a thought bothering you whether you should study in a private or public school. There could be endless reasons because of which you might be sending your child to a private school. But still the fact is that choosing that one perfect school for you child can become a daunting task.
Choosing the right school for your child

If you have already made up your mind to send your child to a private school, then there must
Begin with identifying your needs then surveying the private schools. Once you have narrowed down the school you need to visit them personally and take a few things in consideration like:
Practical requirements
·         Find a place close to your workplace, the other thing that you need to do is look for the desired element that you need to find the perfect private school.
·         Travelling facilities provided by the school
·         If your child has any emotional, physical, linguistic or learning needs that you need to pay attention to
·         How much does the school cost and the budget of the private school?
Desired Requirements
·         Is preparing for school a priority?
·         Are modern school facilities important to you?
·         Is your child looking for a small school environment or a large school with s large strength?
·         How will the school authorities communicate with the parents when in need?
·         Some parents desire to send their child to a catholic school that instills and imparts faith based catholic values to their children which will be considered as a desired requirement. Monsignor Slade Catholic School in is a co-educational religious institution that fosters Christian values in the children. Therefore, majority of parents who will seek to admit their child in this particular school or any other catholic school would do so because of their specific desire to send their child to a catholic school. So, choices could be desire based.
Extracurricular requirements for your private school
After when you have completely analyzed the practical requirements and it fits your requirements then it is time to dress the cake with icing. Extracurricular activities are very crucial for your child and that can lead to the overall development of the child. Therefore, you need to check if the school is giving the child a push to participate in the extracurricular activities or not.
·         Before getting admission for your child see are their any sports facilities available in the college and if yes which all are?
·         What are the clubs that your child needs to attend?
·         Check what are the music and art programs are important to you?

Survey Schools
Don’t just take admission in the first school that you visit. Make sure that you shortlist so many schools that after that you can choose the best one out. Make sure that you collect all the numbers and facts of each school on the list:
·         Read the philosophy of the school, ask about the school’s program and the different approaches of teaching.
·         See if all the services that are available at the school such as on-site nurse, counsellors, secretary, librarian.
·         Check the school’s structure. Does it follow a year-round school or follows a traditional school calendar?
·         What is the qualification and background of the teacher?
·         Examine the policy of the school discipline to check if the rules are fair.
·         Find the school curriculum and look for the grading and the homework policies
·         Check for the school’s policy for students on carrying knives, guns, hazardous items etc.
·         Is the school accredited and if yes then how?
Check for the school policies regarding the students
·         What is the basis for grading the students?
·         What is the class size in the school? Class size matters a lot and especially in the primary grades.
·         Is the library well equipped?
·         The teaching methodology and if the teachers are working in groups or do they work in groups?
·         How does the school monitor the students and the academic standards?
·         What does the school do to support the students with the academics, emotional and social difficulties?
·         School’s policy for English speaking children.
The achievements of the school
According to a website Pen2Print- The accomplishments of a school explain how far it has gone and what are its future plans to go further. Therefore, you must always conduct a thorough research on the accomplishments of the school. After all it is about your child’s future.


College and university interviews allow admissions officers to gain a more personal perspective on all applicants and what they can offer if they are accepted in the institution. Because of this, the interview is an important element of the whole college application process and one that all incoming freshmen should successfully pass.
How to Help Your Teen Prepare for College Admissions Interviews

Although your teen will be the only who will be interviewed, and thus, the outcome will depend on him or her alone, there are ways for you to help your child prepare for his or her college admissions interviews. Here are some tips for doing so:

1.    Enroll your teen in a college interview prep program

If acing interviews has never been your teen’s forte because he or she tends to get easily overwhelmed by his or her anxieties, you can help your child overcome this by signing him or her for some interview preparation courses.

Under this program, qualified instructors will conduct mock interviews with your teen to help him or her have an idea of how the whole process goes. The instructors will ask questions that are normally asked during formal admissions interviews and will assess your teen’s responses.

If the interviewers are not satisfied with your child’s answers or feel that they are lacking, and he or she doesn’t appear confident throughout the interview, they will give your teen pointers on how to come up with better, more suitable responses.

The instructors will give your child tips on how to boost his or her confidence and deal with his or her anxieties as well.

2.    Conduct mock interviews with your child

Allow your child to practice whatever he or she learned from the prep course at home by conducting mock interviews with him or her.

Aside from pointing out other weaknesses your teen may not be aware of, you can also give him or her other tips on how to improve. Make sure you tell your child the good points of the mock interview and compliment your child whenever you see him or her improving or making an effort. All these will help build up your teen’s self-confidence.

3.    Visit the college or university with your teen

Help your child feel more comfortable for an upcoming admissions interview by bringing him or her to the campus before the actual interview.

With a campus visit, your teen won’t have to go through feelings of unfamiliarity during the interview which can affect his or her concentration. Going for a visit will also help your child make a more informed decision about choosing this particular school or selecting another.

After the visit, encourage your teen to think about and reflect on the visit. Ask him or her questions that will make him or her finalize or reconsider his or her decision.  If your teen really likes the college or university, help him or her recognize why he or she would be a good fit for the school.

4.    Research about the school

Another great way you can assist your teen in preparing for the interview is to read about his or her potential college or university.

Compile some interesting facts about the school by visiting their website and reading their online newspaper. Give the information to your child and help him or her connect his or her academic passions, achievements, and extracurricular interests to distinct features of his or her course and the school.

By doing this additional research, you will allow your kids to skip this extra step and focus more on preparing their responses, and for the whole interview process.

5.    Help your teen prepare questions to ask during the interview

Since you already did some additional research about your teen’s potential school, work with him or her to come up with a list of questions to ask during the interview.

College admissions officers also encourage applicants to ask questions after the interview. You will enable your child to impress the interviewers by coming up with relevant, well-thought-out questions he or she can ask.

Make sure these questions are not generic or ones that can be answered by reading the school’s brochure. Try to think of questions that are specific such as what the college or university’s plans are of giving students more modern learning experiences, or how they will implement new technologies in your child’s chosen course.

Lastly, don’t forget to share other typical tips that will help your child ace his or her interview. These can include tips on:

       What to wear
       How much makeup to put on
       What accessories to wear
       What time to arrive for the interview
       How to shake hands professionally

Always remind your child that smiling and being confident and conversational will go a long way in enabling him or her to have a successful interview and be admitted by the college or university.

Maloy Burman is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Premier Genie FZ LLC. He is responsible for driving Premier Genie into a leadership position in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education space in Asia, Middle East and Africa and building a solid brand value. Premier Genie is currently running 5 centers in Dubai and 5 centers in India with a goal to multiply that over the next 5 years.

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