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Most of the people have a question in their mind why they should choose a community college over a big university name. This is one of the biggest questions that all the students who are looking for a college have. However, for some of the students, community college comes in the last slots of options but for many students, community college is the number one choice. Students are not choosing universities just to save their money or to stay closer to their home. But there are also many other reasons why students actually choose a community college. Have a look at these reasons:

College cost too much
Most of the big reputed universities and colleges cost too much and students are not able to afford these. The cost of the tuition fee is really very high at colleges. They choose community college to save their money for at least 2 years. After completing 2 years of a community college degree, they transfer themselves into a big name university.
“Community college enables them to avoid their debts”. Therefore, they ignore admission in universities and highly reputed college. 
Not ready for the university and college
Many times, students are not ready for university and college. They are not even ready to enter the first year of college. Sometimes, students have to take pre-req classes to get ready for college credit. It is one of the most common situations that students face. The general and pre-req classes at community college is considered as a step towards the degree, therefore, most of the students prefer to get admission in a community college. On top of that, community colleges are well equipped with resources where you can get a quality education.
It’s a choice of students
It is good news that community colleges have a good reputation in the market. According to community college review, many solid students prefer community college even they can afford the fee of the reputed colleges and universities. However, there are also some myths and misperceptions for community colleges. The community college also offers transfer, therefore, you can complete your degrees that will offer a boom to your carrier.
“Even in some community colleges, students can transfer directly into a local state university”
Therefore the transfer has become easier for the students and they can complete their degrees to give rise to their future. There are also programs in the community colleges that can excel the skills of students.
Academic Flexibility
Academic flexibility is another one of the most important reasons that make community college a great option for all students. It is a great option to ease into the world of higher education. This is a great option if you are struggling in your school or if you don’t have enough time as well as money. You can attend community college while working as part-time to support yourself financially. This is one of the great ways to complete your studies while supporting your family financially.
STEM education opportunities
Community college offers science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs. If you are interested in any of the subject then this is the right choice for you. So, if you want to enhance your skills through these programs then community college is an ideal option got you.
Transfer options
Most of the community colleges offer transfer certificate, therefore, these colleges are not the final destination for the students. You can complete your college after completing two years if education here. You can easily transfer to your college after completing your community college education along with saving hundreds of your dollars.
Get personalized attention
According to community college review, most of the community colleges have smaller class size, therefore, each student can get equal individual attention from their teachers. So if you have any kind of query you can ask your teacher and can enhance your skills. It is a big big plus point to all the students who like to learn their own while asking a number of questions from their teachers.
Bottom line:
Community colleges should be at the first slot when it comes to choosing the right college for yourself. So, check out a list of community colleges of your area and select the right one for you as per your needs and requirements. 
International in scope and readership the Journal of Management Studies is a multidisciplinary journal publishing articles on organization theory and behaviour strategic and human resource management - from empirical studies and theoretical developments to practical applications. The journal provides: in-depth coverage of organizational problems and organization theory; reports on the latest developments in strategic management and planning; cross-cultural comparisons of organizational effectiveness; and concise reviews of the latest publications in management studies.

Restaurant Business (RS)  with ISSN 0097-8043 is multi-disciplinary journals for management studies, business, economics, ecommerce, finance, trade, banking, insurance, commerce, hospitality, tourism, planning, development studies and allied fields. The journal is open access and available electronically around the world.
Scopus Indexed Journal available at https://www.scopus.com/sourceid/4900152405 . Researchers can find the Restaurant Business (RS) Journal Journal Home Page with Issues and Archives at  https://journals.eduindex.org/index.php/rb/ 
UGC Approved Journal no. 10549 at https://www.ugc.ac.in/journallist/ RS is working for publication and promotion of research through https://www.restaurantbusinessjournal.com/ throughout the world. Scholars are requested to submit papers for publication in Scopus Indexed and UGC Approved journal - Restaurant Business (RS) 
Email to submit Papers for publication is editor@restaurantbusinessjournal.com 

Himachal Pradesh Solar Policy and it's Solar Highlights

Himachal Pradesh translated to "Snow Abode" and is a state that is located in Northern region of India. It has states like Punjab, J&K and Haryana as its neighbouring states. The state is most famous for its hill stations, with Shimla being a real tourist favourite. Shimla happens to be the capital of the state with Dharamsala being the winter capital. Himachal Pradesh, or HP as it is referred to sometimes, has an installed and commissioned rooftop capacity of 0.33MW with .13MW commissioned in the FY 2016/17. In order to promote solar and encourage the investment, Himachal Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission has framed regulations offering a fixed tariff of Rs 5 per unit for extra energy produced and fed back to the grid. This is one of the highest tariffs for Net Metering in the country. Himachal Pradesh is also encouraging farmers and unemployed youth to set up projects in distributed fashion. These plants will be typically in the range of 500KW to 5MW. There are also plans to set up solar parks in the state. Even though there are no real large-scale solar power plants in the state, the state is purchasing up to 35MW solar power from plants outside the state. As a part of the target set for the National Solar Mission, Himachal Pradesh is chasing 220 MW solar commissioned capacity by the year 2022.

Bringing Solar Power to the people

In consonance with the National Policy, the State Govt has formulated the Solar Power Policy which was notified on 4th March 2014. In order to simplify the procedure and as per the recommendations of Project Developers, the revised Solar Power Policy with key amendments was notified on 24th January 2016. Solar Energy is one of the most viable option to supplement Hydro amongst the Renewable Energy Technologies. Solar Energy is in line with the objective of sustainable development by producing clean energy. Encouraging Investors, Stakeholders & Individuals for Solar Energy is a priority for Himurja to move forward with eco-friendly Power initiatives.
The Govt. of India has upscaled the capacity target from 20,000 MW to 1,75,000 MW (175 GW) to be achieved by 2022, of which 40 GW is planned through Grid Connected Rooftop Solar mode. The H.P. State Government is keen to contribute to achieving the targets set under the National Solar Mission for the development of Solar Power. Hence, our Solar Power Policy emphasizes its efficiency and recommends it to all investors. 

In an attempt to tap solar power potential in Himachal Pradesh, the Himachal government is inviting applications for setting up 250 KW to 500 KW power project in the private sector to provide employment to unemployed youth.
A plan has been prepared by the HP Energy development agency (HIMURJA) for tapping 20 MW solar energy which would be notified soon, Tarun Kapoor, Additional Chief Secretary, Renewable Energy said.
He said the plan has been approved by the government and under this scheme, solar power projects of at least 250 KW and maximum 500 KW will be set up on the private land of the applicant.
“The plan would provide employment to unemployed youth and also result in utilisation of barren lands across the state,” he said.
Kapoor said only permanent Himachali residents are eligible for setting up of the projects. Partnership firms and private companies may also apply, provided that the share of Permanent Himachali is 100 per cent, he added.
The projects would be allotted on ‘First Come, First Serve’ basis and HIMURJA would be accept 40 to 80 applications for the same.

“The government would not accept more applications after the limit of 20 MW power is exhausted,” 
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