11 People Die Of Hunger Every Minute: Oxfam Report

11 People Die Of Hunger Every Minute 

Countries such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon are living in excruciating conditions. 11 people lost their lives each minute due to starvation outpacing the covid fertility rate according to a report of Oxfam. 

The report also pointed out that around half a million people are living in famine conditions. In 2021, the fresh numbers of people who have been facing severe food security are 20 million, making a total of 155 million people in 55 countries. 
Since the pandemic was declared, trade and market have hit the lowest of the decade. Economic activity slowed down by 3.5 per cent notwithstanding poverty, which increased by 16 per cent according to the report. 

Around the world, prices of food have increased by 40 per cent, which is also associated with stuck trades and lockdowns that have disrupted food flaws.
Mulu Gebre, 26, who forcedly fled from her home in Tigray told Oxfam: "I came to Mekele because I heard that food and milk were offered for infants. When I arrived here, I couldn't find food even for myself. I need food especially for my child, who is only four months old and was born underweight."

The situation has indeed worsened in the last two years. Lifting people out of their destination should be the primary concern for the countries around the world. Political parties, governments, various economic cooperation groups and the UN have to come together to save human suffering.

Lebanon is the fittest example who is facing political sectarianism. As there is no stable government. Parliament's 128 seats are divided evenly between Christians and Muslims. Which makes them serve their interests only.

In the end, there is hope that the situation will be great again. It reminds me of this quote of Buzz Aldrin
If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger.

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