29 interesting facts about 29 different states(Part-1)

India is a diverse country with 29 states. In this blog, we are going to see 29 facts for 29 states, 1 fact for 1 state.

Jammu and Kashmir

World’s only floating post office is located at Dal lake, Jammu and Kashmir. It is the most attracting place for tourist. Every year lakh’s of people come to see this post office. It is the only post office in this world that floats on water.


Lonar Lake, also known as Lonar crater is located at Lonar in Buldhana District, Maharashtra. This lake was created by a meteorite collision. This lake has diameter of 1.2 kilometre and it is 137 feet deep.


Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan is one of the strangest temples in this world. This is a strange temple because, approximately 25,000 thousands of rats live there. It is also called the temple of rats. It is believed that Karni Mata manifests herself into rats. Devotes eat the prasad after the rat taste them.


Many shops in Mizoram are without shopkeepers. Means the shopkeepers keeps the products open in there store and keep a small box. Customers come and take the products and deposit the money in the small boxes. These shops run on a principle of trust. This tradition is known as Nghah-Lou-Dawr.


There is a lake in Uttarakhand called Roopkund lake. This is a mystery lake in Uttarakhand. It is also called as skeleton lake, at the bottom of this lake, you can find many skeletons there deposited under mysterious circumstances.

Tamil Nadu

You have seen in many movies that people walk on fire. You actually think it is not true. But in reality it is true, people in Tamil Nadu celebrate fire-walking ceremony, which is a honor to goddess Draupati Amman.

Andhra Pradesh

Have ever wondered will snow fall in south India. The answers is Yes, there is a beautiful village in Andhra pradesh called Lambasingi, it is the only place where snows falls in south India.


Do you know a single voting poll was set up for a man, named Mahant Bharatdas in Gujarat. He used to live alone in the Gir west forest. Unfortunately, he died in 2019.

Uttar pradesh

As, we all know Uttar pradesh is the most populated state in India. The population of Uttar pradesh is 20 crores, which is equal to 65 percent of US population. If Uttar Pradesh is country, then it would be ranked as 5th most populated country in the world.

Madya Pradesh

Madhya pradesh has the largest reserves of diamonds and coppers in India. It is also rich coal, manganese, bauxite and dolomite.


For everyone in India have only one national anthem whether he is from north or south. But people in Assam have there own anthem called ‘O Mur Apunar Dex’ written by famous poet Lakshminath Bezbaroa, this anthem was adopted in 1927.


Kerala is most literate state in India with literacy rate 93.91%. Also It is the only state in India to have hospitals and banks in every village. Apart from this, it is the first state to receive rainfall in India.

This is just part-1, part-2 will come soon. That’s all from my side I hope you like it. Thank you.

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