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The Immigrant Dragons, Part IV: Generations United in Bendigo

There are a lots of myths that are persisting between different people in different parts of the world. Once such mythology is the Chinese dragon. This dragon is also known as Loong , Long or Lung. It is regarded as the legendary creature. It takes many animal forms like turtles and fish. It is mostly depicted as a snake with four legs. They symbolize auspicious powers which can stretch its power over nature like water ,rainfall, typhoons, and floods. It symbolizes the power, strength. It also symbolizes good luck for people who are worthy of it to have. The Emperor of china used this dragon to show his imperial strength and power. In Chinese culture, excellent and outstanding people are compared to a dragon, while incapable people with no achievements are compared to other, some small creatures, such as a worm.


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It is usually depicted as a winged lion. It is said to be one of the nine children of the Loong . It is regarded as one of the auspicious creatures of Chinese mythology . It is stated that Pixiu stood in front of the gates as a guardian angel. Even in these centuries it is seen in the form of small jade pendants or worn as jewelry for good luck and money luck. It is also stated that it was a ferocious beast during the oldest Chinese period. It is metaphor for powerful army.


Jingwei was the youngest daughter of the Yan Emperor. She was a lively and rebellious girl . She was also a adventure type girl who swam into the Eastern Sea to see the sunrise. But unfortunately she drowned into the sea because of a storm. It is said that she got converted into a crow like bird. In order to avenge her death she flew as a bird every day to the Western Mountains .She carried pebbles and twigs along with her and dropped them into the Eastern sea . It is said that even the even the sea mocked at her for such a point less effort. But she swore to continue the effort of filling out the sea even if takes million and million of years. She is always remembered in the Chinese tale and stands as a example for perseverance .

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