4 K-Pop Group Famous in the World

Everyone  have heard about K-Pop culture .It’s origin is South Korea . K-Pop means Korean Pop Culture . A group of young girls & boys are trained & become professional in dancing & singing .They then together release song videos with their amazing hip-hop dance .This K-Pop culture is now very famous  all around the world . These K-Pop bands are internationally very acknowledged .Let’s talk about some of them —–

1. BTS : It is the most internationally famous K-Pop band .It is a 7 boys band group .The other name of BTS is Bangtan Boys .Their formation time is 2010 & they first debuted in 2013 .They work under Big Hit Entertainment company of South Korea .Name of the & boys are – V or, Kim Tea-hyung (He is a vocals ) ,Jeon Jungkook (He is the main vocals) , Park Ji-min (he is the lead vocalist) , Kim Seok-jin (he is a vocals) , Suga or ,Min Yoon-gi (he is a rapper) , RM or, Kim Nam-joon (he is also a rapper) , J-Hope or, Jung Ho-seok ( he is also a rapper) . Their fandom circle is called BTS Army . They have achieve numerous awards ,recognition , credits for their works from all around the world . Their song Dynamite had nominated for Grammy award . Some of their album are — Youth ,Wake up ,Love yourself , The most beautiful moment in life  and many others .


2. Blackpink : It is one of the most internationally recognized girl K-Pop band group in Korea .There are 4 girls in this Group .Their name are  — Jennie or, Kim Jennie (she is the lead vocalist 7 also a rapper) , Lisa or, Lalisa Manoban (She is the main dancer) ,Rose or, Park Roseanne  (she is the main vocals) , Jisoo or, Kim Ji-soo (she is the lead vocalist) . They work under YG Entertainment in Korea .They first debuted in the August of the year of 2016 . They have also got many awards . Some of their album are  – Kill this love , square up  and many more .


3. EXO : It is also one of the famous boys band of Korea which is globally recognizes .It works under SM Entertainment . Their group was formed in 2011 & they first debuted in 2012 . At first they were a 12 members group including 4 chinese members .But after 2016, 3 chinese members (Kris ,Luhan ,Tao) have left the group & now they are a & membered boys group .Name of these 9 members —  Kai or, Kim Jong-in (he is vocals & a very good dancer) , D.O. or, Doh Kyung-soo (he is the main vocals & also an actor) ,Beakhyun or, Byun Baek-hyun (He is the main vocals & an actor) , Chanyeol or, Park Chan-yeol (he is a vocals) ,Sehun or, Oh Se-hun (he is the main rapper) ,Chen or, Kim Jong-dae (he is the main vocals) ,Suho or, Kim Jun-myeon (he is the group leader &  the lead vocalist) ,Lay or, Zhang Lay (he is a vocal & a Chinese actor) ,Xiumin or, Kim Min-seok (he is a lead vocalist) .They also got numerous awards .Some of their album are – Wolf ,Love shot ,XOXO ,Exodus ,Tempo ,Obsession & many others .Currently some of the members are serving in Military (like Suho ,Beckhyun ,Chanyeol) , D.O. & Xiumin had already finished their military training & remaining members will be enlisted in future .

EXO (Except Lay)(All Korean members)
EXO (Current 9 members)
EXO (Total 12 members in the past )

4. TWICE : It is also a very famous girls group in Korea .This group works under JYP Entertainment .They debuted in the year of 2015  .They are 9 girls member . Their name – Sana (She is a vocals) ,Tzuyu ,Momo (she is the main dancer) ,Nayeon (she is the vocals) ,Jeongyeon (she is the lead vocalist) ,Mina (she is the vocals) ,Jihyo (she is the main vocals) ,Dahyun (she is the main rapper) ,Chaeyoung (she is the main rapper) . They also have got many awards .Some of their album are — Perfect World , Merry & Happy ,Taste of Love ,What is love and many more .


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