: 5 Nutritious Vegetable :

Nutritious vegetables

Vegetables are the part of plants which are edible and very nutritious to our body. As we all are aware  that vegetables happen to have very good effects on our body.  Almost every vegetable has fibres, vitamins, minerals and other important healthy ingredients in them , but some of them have some exceptional qualities which make them stand out from the rest of the others .Nutritional value of vegetables is undeniable . Here I have talked about some of them which have more  nutritional value than the others .They are written below .

Various types of carrots
  1. CARROT — It is a root vegetable. It’s common colour is orange but it happens to also be yellow,white and purple . While eating them you will be able to feel the crunchiness of it . It has high nutritional value . It has lots of beta-carotene ,fiber ,vitamin K ,vitamin A ,potassium & antioxidants ,biotin carotenoids and lutein . It also has 90-95% water & almost 7% carbohydrates .

Carotenoids reduce the chances of cancer & improve the blood by lowering bad cholesterol in the blood . Vitamin A helps to improve the eye sight & eye health .Carrot is also used as a weight-loss diet vegetable .It improves our immune system .

  1. KALE — It is a green leafy vegetable . This vegetable belongs to the Cruciferous plant family .It has a lot of calories , protein  & carbohydrates .High amount of flavonoids ,45 types of carotenoids , Vitamin K ,Vitamin A ,Vitamin C are also found in kale .

Kale works as a very good antioxidant & anti-inflammatory in our body .It prevents the chances of cancer ,It fights against macular degeneration , Alzheimer ,arthritis with the help of containing antioxidants .

Kale Leaf
Garlic Bulbs

      3)GARLIC — It is one type of stem of a bulbous plant . Garlic is naturally of white colour but black garlic also exists .Garlic plant belongs from Allium ,a onion species .It is widely used as a seasoning or as a spice . It has a high amount of Vitamin B6 ,manganese ,selenium , Vitamin C and allician . It also has a good amount  of phosphorus , calcium ,potassium ,iron ,copper etc.

It is a very good vegetable for the heart & blood system . It also fights against high blood pressure or BP & lowers the bad blood cholesterol to cure the heart condition . It increases the blood oxidation power . It also works for skin infections & hypertension .

Various edible mushrooms

     4) MUSHROOM — It belongs to a fungus group & is edible in nature . It has various sizes ,colours ,and strictures .It has a lot of protein , minerals ,antioxidants ,selenium ,Vitamin C ,choline ,and fibre . It is especially rich in vitamin B & protein .

It fights against lung & breast cancer & prevents them .It works very well on diabetes patients & helps to cure diabetes . It gives a lot of energy for containing lots of protein .It is one of the most healthy foods .


5) ASPARAGUS — It belongs to the lily plant family . Its scientific name is Asparagus officinalis . It is usually a green colour vegetable but it also exists in purple colour & white colour .It has low calories , lots of vitamin C , Vitamin A , Vitamin K , antioxidants , phosphorus , fiber , protein . It has a high amount of Vitamin K .

Anthocyanin is responsible for the colour of the purple asparagus and it lowers the blood pressure in our body . Asparagus also helps to increase the power of our digestive system . It has a very good effect on pregnant ladies during their pregnancy period .It is a healthy & delicious vegetable .


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