5 Tourists Places in India with the Touch of Nature

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com

Who does not want to explore new places? Everyone loves to travel and visit beautiful places. India is a destination for tourist lover of all over the world as every type of tourist place can be found here. From mountains to sea, from forest to desert and from historical to science places. According to statistic 2019, India ranks 34th out of 140 tourism countries from all over the world. Here I have given some suggestion of places from India where you will forget yourself with the touch of nature. So, pack your bag and go to these places.

Snow in Gulmarg

1) Gulmarg, Jammu-Kashmir (North of India) : Jammu- Kashmir is called ‘heaven on earth’. It is a popular hill station and town in Kashmir. Its location is sets in the Pir panjal Range of WESTERN Himalayas. The height of this place is 2650m from sea level. During summer (April- May) it is full of greeneries. But the best time for tourism is January to February for snowfall. Here you can take a ride of gondola, enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains in Khilanmarg, make an iceman from snow and feel the speed of snow skiing.

Gulmarg meadow in Summer
Desert of Jaisalmer

2) Jaisalmer, Rajasthan (west of India): Jaisalmer, the golden city, is a desert city. It’s the 9th biggest sub- tropical desert in the whole world. It also works as a natural barrier between two countries, India and Pakistan. In the sea and mountains of the sand, you can enjoy the camel riding, feel the hot and cold weather during day and night in campaign. Take the pleasure of camel ride to travel in the desert .Don’t think that sand can’t give you the pleasure because it will certainly give you much more than you think.

Camel Ride in The Desert of Jaisalmer
Blackwaters in Kerala

3) Blackwaters, Kerala (south of India): It is a nature made water path in Kerala. This biackwaters is a water connection between lagoons, and lakes of Arabian sea. This blackwater wide more than 900km in size with some rivers, lake, water cannels etc. Vambanad lake which is India’s ever long lake, situated here. You can enjoy these waterbed sceneries in ferny ride.

Gangtok in Sikkim

4) Gangtok, Sikkim (North- east of India): It is the capital town of Sikkim which is situated in the height of 1650m from sea level. It is a valley town with the scenery of majestic mountains. It was famous for pilgrims’ place of Buddhist. The spectacular mountain scenery, wonderful Tibetan culture and magnificent monasteries, flower gardens will make you addict to this place.

Scenery of Gangtok
al lake in Srinagar

5) Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir (North of India) : It is the northeast city of India .There are lot of lakes in Srinagar .You can enjoy & travel in the lake with shikara ride. You can enjoy luxury living in cozy boat houses . Dal lake is the most famous lake in the northern India . You can also bought things from floating market in the morning time . You also be able to enjoy the traditional festive meat dish Wazwan .The enormous sight of  30 hector tulip garden will enlighten your mood . You can also watch the whole Srinagar from the city tower of Pari Mahal in Zabarwan mountain . The water of Chashme shahi will cure your body with your medicinal power . You will feel yourself as a ruler in the majestic palace of Maharaja Hari Singh .

Boat house in the lakes of Srinagar
Shikara in the lake of Srinagar

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