5 Ways to Improve Website Ranking


Generally, all of us want to win every race and be the best in the eyes of people. We all are living in an environment where the competition is dynamic and the only thing that is constant is change.

Every firm, company and entrepreneurs take every possible step to win their target audience and win the competition. They engage into aggressive promotional techniques (advertisements, brochures, catalogs, websites, etc.).

All such firms, companies, and entrepreneurs also try one more method to make them look best as compared to their competitors. They focus on improving their website ranking.

Website ranking means the ranking of the website in the search engine result page. There are many ways to improve the ranking of your website and lure your audience to look at what special do you have to offer to their first:

1.  The first step to improve your website ranking is to find relatable keywords. Think from the point of the view of readers and then decide what words can a reader type which will eventually lead him/her to browse your website first? Readers need simplicity and convenience.


 Therefore, use those keywords that will make your website appears first on the search engine.

After deciding the keywords, you will have to make certain decisions like whether your keywords will fit into your main URL or not or whether your keyword could be used in the main title or headings or not.


2.  The second step that one can adopt is to write and post influential content which can also significantly improve your website ranking. It is recommended to mention your keywords in your content too.

 You can also bold, italicize or highlight the keywords within a reasonable limit. This can also be one method through which your web page and website both will register in the reader's mind.


3.  The third step is to add fresh and updated content after certain intervals. This would make your web pages and your site more relevant in the search engine as well as in the reader's mind.

4.  The fourth step that you can adopt is to work on your title metadata, description metadata and keyword metadata.

Title metadata enhances and improves your page title, and also make your title/heading appear on your browser window as a heading within the search engine results.

Keyword metadata will allow you to use a variety of keywords which could also help in improving your website ranking. We should use only short keywords instead of long phrases.

Description metadata, on the other hand, helps you to create an influential description because of which readers would be encouraged to read your content and sometimes it may be used by the browser too.                                                                   

5.  The fifth step one can adopt is to design and create desirable hyperlinks. You can get more advantage if you use your main and relatable keywords as your hyperlinks.


The link would then be short, catchy, and descriptive and would be suitable for all the readers. Lastly, you can make use of alt tags too to improve your website rankings.

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