8 Free Sources To Learn Web Development

Want to dive deep into web development or are you looking to kickstart your development journey.
Here are 8 YouTube channels that can help you to get started.

1. Free Code Camp

It is an online learning platform that aims to make learning web development easy and accessible to anyone within the comfort of their home. They publish courses all the time. From Python and Data Science to Game Development and JavaScript.

2. Clever Programmer

Clever Programmer is a startup that aims to make anyone a full-stack developer starting from scratch.

Rafeh Qazi is the founder of Clever Programmer. He is a Python Fullstack Developer and was initially a freelancer and then shifted to teaching programming.

3. The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja offers over 1000 free programming tutorials about web development namely Modern JavaScript, Node.js, Firebase, and others.
You can Black-belt your web development skills.
The way material is broken down into smaller chunks is exceptional. There’s plenty of content for anyone to learn anything related to programming.

4. Faraday Academy

Faraday Academy is an education platform mainly for software developers.

The academy is run by Gwendolyn and she’s super fun with a ton of helpful content!
She is a software engineer, author, speaker, and passionate content creator.

5. Academind 

Academind offers hundreds of coding tutorials and other programming video courses.
With the tagline, There’s always something to learn!

It is run by Max & Manuel. They create courses and tutorials that teach you everything related to web development. Be it programming languages like JavaScript, runtimes like NodeJS or popular frameworks like ReactJS, Angular, or VueJS or any other. They’ve got you covered.

6. James Q Quick

James Q Quick is a Fullstack Web Developer who is addicted to learning and loves working with people.

With hundreds of videos and over 10,000 subscribers, he has been creating YouTube videos for about 7 years.

7. London App Brewery

The channel is run by Angela Yu and her team. There’s content for absolute beginners. 

They cover Web Development, how to make iOS, Flutter and Android apps, as well as Data Science. They make learning to program fun and accessible. They design programming courses that teach programming through doing.

8. Dev Ed

The about section of the channel reads – Learn web development, web design, 3d modeling, tools like Figma, and more without getting bored!

Ed, who is famously known online as Dev Ed, is a Romanian-German YouTuber who makes programming and design videos. He is particularly famous for his web development tutorials, as that is his main type of video.

List Source – Edan Ben Atar

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