A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

A friend plays the most important part in everyone’s life. Every life is incomplete without a proper comradeship. This is a fact that no one can survive without making friends. Life is full of ups and down and we all need someone to support us mentally and emotionally. A friend is the one with whom we share a bond which is rooted by trust, respect, affection, etc. Tackling problems become much easier when you have good friends beside you.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” this is one of the most popular proverb which we all have heard at least once in our life. This phrase summarizes the eternal essence of the word friendship i.e., the friends who help at the time of need are considered as true friend. Getting a true friend is not only good luck but it’s like a blessing and such people are meant to be nurture with proper care. Place which a friend holds in each one of our life is impossible to express via words. When we have our comrade with us tackling problems becomes very much easy. Life is full of ups and down, pain and heartbreak, suffering and loss and because of all these people ends up going in depression or facing anxiety and mental issues plus any psychological disorder thus in such circumstances a friend plays a vital role in coping up. Healthy and good friendships help in overcoming the negativity of mundane life. Friendship is based on a give and take relation where one needs to give equally love and respect only then the root of such bond will be strong. Friendship must be carryout from the heart not with the intension of profits. True friends help in growing and increasing self-confidence as well as boost immunity. Francis Bacon mentioned on his essay of “Of Friendship” that every human being requires company and social contact and the one who does not believe in this and live a life with isolation is considered either as a wild breast or heavenly God. Human beings require other human beings and if someone ignores interaction are doing unfair with natural state. He also says that “a true friend acts a secondary valve for the heart to [pump life into a sick person.”

Friends do not believe in discouraging rather than they help in reaching the goals of life. But what is important is the bond should be carried out equally by both the parties. Both the parties should be equally loyal to one another if a person is not loyal than he should not expect the other person to be kind and loyal towards him. It is well said that “YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW”, therefore first we should be ourselves ready to follow the simple code of friendship. The key success of successful friendship is good communication among each other. The base of every friendship is communication. Summing up that friendship is vital in each one of lives love, respect and proper communication can build up a good bond.

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