Hello motherland, I hope you are fine, I can only hope this because your children living here are not completely loyal to you.

Since long time you have been through many things and faced a lots of challenges. You have seen people changing, their changing lifestyles and even their behaviour towards you. During ancient times people used to discover things from you, they only used natural things like branches of trees to cook food, stones to setup fire and made tools from them. People at that time were totally dependent on you for everything from eating to wearing to shelter. As the time passes, in the medieval time people were more developed and found ways to rule over you. Different communities were made and people got divided according to their power and started making policies and planning to rule over a large piece of land this way you got divided into several religion and genders. Coming to the Modern Times now no one is afraid of you, everyone is seeking their benefit and doing whatever they wish to do without taking any precautions. Use of plastic bags, burning of crackers on festivals, wastage of water, deforestation etc all are leading to the serious conditions of the health of the motherland. Today’s society is always busy on technology and this too is creating a lot of junk on land and in people’s mind. They are harming the land as well as their health conditions. Due to huge amount of pollution, Ozone Layer has got a black hole in it and still people are not aware that it can cause serious skin problem like skin cancer.

As human beings have troubled you so much, the day will come when you will trouble us and I think the day has arrived, that is why in many parts of the world people are facing floods and even drought, heavy rainfall and even areas with graphic heat. You have suffered a lot and now that one day is very close when everybody will suffer and realise that what you have gone through.

Nowadays oxygen is free of cost and is God gifted but that day is very near when people will have pay for it. Everyone on the streets would walk by carrying oxygen cylinders on their back and masks on their face due to pollution and harmful waves. The harmful rays or pollution are not only affecting the life of people but also affecting the biodiversity. India, which is famous for its Bengal tiger is now found very rarely, butterflies which were in large quantities are now decreasing rapidly. Many of the birds and animals have been extinct because of unnecessary hunting in past and present by various kings and famous personalities in order to outshine others. Due to the overuse of the resources the time will come when the rivers will dry up and nothing will be left for the future, due to the present scenario it seems that the only thing we can leave for future generations are the photographs and paintings of the wildlife resources.

Human beings are not respecting their God then how can you expect that they will give you that respect which you deserve. It can be concluded by example of Ganesh Visarjan when tons of Ganesh idols are been sank in the rivers and later these were all collected by cleaners to take them to the safer place. The idols seems half dissolved in water and some even didn’t desolved because they are usually made of Plaster of Paris (POP). Government had insisted the public to buy idols made of mud instead of POP but for the beauty of the home they are destroying the beauty of nature.

There are very few helping hands which are not enough to protect you or conserve you. But we need more human efforts to protect you from big natural calamities.

To prevent the motherland from being old and unhealthy everyone should stop using plastic and start using alternative methods like paper bags, cloth bags, bamboo bottles, etc. Use of less pollutants should be encouraged and bicycle should be used for smaller distances to prevent the atmosphere from harmful chemicals. Candles and earthen lamps should be lighten up on festivals instead of firing crackers. These little steps by everyone can bring greater changes and will improve your health. If we talk about last year then due to covid-19 when the whole world was locked and everyone stayed at their homes, the ozone layer healed itself and pollution started to decrease.

I hope that my letter to motherland will somehow influence and aware people and hope that they will gain some more respect towards our motherland and I thank you to all those citizens who are engaged directly or indirectly in conserving it and contributing their bit for the world.

This is Ifrah Javed signing off.

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