A Space Dream

Yesterday when I lay asleep, a magical force lifted me from my bed and I found myself floating towards the skies rapidly. I saw the pale blue sphere that I was leaving behind. Earth never looked so magical before. I took a spin around the moon and marveled at the craters. I passed through the rings of Saturn and played hopscotch on the red soil of Mars. I made a snowman on the icy surface of Neptune. I saw the Milky Way from afar and was awestruck by the vast expanse of our Universe. I rode on the meteors that went whooshing by and saw pulsars and quasars. I almost got sucked into a black hole but pull myself away in time.I danced on the glowing surface of Venus and visited mercury.I took a spin around the sun without a single hair singed.After witnessing all the beautiful sight,I started feeling homesick. I slowly drifted back to the pale blue planet that we call home.Full of memories from the visit,I hoped to take another trip soon.Soon I was laid back on my bed and I drifted back into sleep.

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