Aajtak Employee fired due to criticising The P.M.

Aajtak Employee claims that he has been fired from his job because of the criticism of Prime Minister. Shyam Meera Singh. He said in his tweet that he joined Aajtak, 7 months ago and knew what he had to write and how to do his job.As a journalist he knew that he is there to inform public with the facts. But soon people started tagging the company, in the posts which said that who is this man and kick him out. How can he write such things about our Prime Minister.

Shyam Meera Singh continuously tweet about what is going on and he does criticizes the government for its irresponsible actions. He tweeted about it on 19th July and was fired from the company.

What do you think is it right or is it wrong. Can a journalist simply can’t do his job and gets fires just because he did something that most of the media houses are afraid to do. Tell us you thoughts about it.

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