An unstable land : Afghanistan

The political dynamics are changing in Afghanistan, once again. Is something worse has struck the country or about to reach? A land has witnessed many wars over power and control is again fighting within its mainland after American troops retreated. In February 2020, the Taliban and American government made a deal in Doha that American troops will retreat from Afghanistan and the Taliban to refrain from attacks on US forces. However, this deal didn’t specify any rule and regulation over power and control within Afghanistan and left the country on its own fate. Presently, the Taliban expanding themselves aggressively, by controlling 221 districts out of 320 and still fighting for the left 113 districts, as per the long war journal. And the control of the Afghan government over states are dwindling.   

                                    In 1995, a group named Taliban came into existence and with the support of Pakistan’ intelligence agency it became one of the strongest forces in the country. It started capturing prominent cities like Herat, Kandahar and by late September 1996, Kabul. Afterwards, they had full-fledged power and controlled over 90% of the country by 1998. This time period was one of the destructive times for the country, the hardline form of Sunni Islam imposed by the Taliban that restricted women to went out unaccompanied, men had to grow bread at a certain length, music, dance and television were banned by them, chopping hands of a thief and harsh punishments for those who break the law. Then, the attacks of 11 September 2001 (9/11) on New York and Washington DC was the incident that again changed the fate of Afghanistan. The Taliban force denied to hand over the main culprit of the attack who was the terrorist leader Osama-Bin-Laden that induced America to invade Afghanistan. When the American forces invade Afghanistan, the Taliban lost its control over the major part of the country and remained as an insurgent group of the country.                                                                                                    Since 2001, the United States has played a vital role in economic, social and political stability and even neighbour countries have started making stable diplomatic relations with the country. However, the effect of the withdrawal of US troops has begun to show in the country with the expansion of Taliban forces in the districts. It could again turn the country into a terrorist’s safe haven.

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