Another Key to Success : Consistency


We all know, what maintaining consistency can do when it comes to bringing change or achieving something. Maintaining consistency for some time in any work or process can do wonders for you. 

But, What does it mean to be consistent? 

When we say an individual is consistent, it means, that individual is clear on what he/she wants to achieve and is taking crucial steps to achieve his/her goals. The level of consistency we maintain reflects our values and standards. Being consistent means doing things that are required today to achieve a better tomorrow. Consistency is simply about doing things on repetition over a while to achieve desired results. 

Then, Why many of us fail to maintain consistency? 

Well, there are numerous reasons why many of us fail to maintain consistency. Mentioned below are some of them:-

★ Lack of patience.

★ The desire for instant gratification.

★ Lack of clarity and focus.

★ Not having supporting habits or triggers.

★ Having a “all or nothing” mindset.

Anthony Jay Robbins (an American author, coach, speaker, and philanthropist) said, “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

Why consistency is important? 

Knowing a few reasons will help you to give more attention to it. Mentioned below are five reasons why consistency is important:-

I) It will create accountability.

II) It will help you to stand out or be noticed. 

III) It develops discipline and self-control.

IV) It builds a higher level of trust.

V) It can help you fast-track your improvement or development in any area.

Ways to Develop Consistency

Although every individual has their their way of developing consistency. Mentioned below are some general ways to develop consistency:

I) Create a schedule or plan to stay on track.

II) Start with small steps.

III) Give yourself a break when you get off track.

IV) Start with small steps.

There are very low chances of achieving what we want without a proper strategy and consistency. In short, hard work and smart work together with consistency and the right attitude are the keys to success. 

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