Aryabhatta was the first Indian mathematician and astronomer. He had immense knowledge in the field of mathematics. Moreover, he did he may discoveries during his era. For instance, some of them were the discovery of algebraic identities, trigonometrical functions, the value of pi, Place value system, etc.

Furthermore, he wrote many books which still help us in performing various calculations. Aryabhatta was a great influence to many youngsters. For he excelled in academics from a very early age. Moreover, he contributed much to the society his works and theories are still remembered and honored till date.



Aryabhatta was born in 475 A.D. Furthermore his birthplace eas not sure, but in his book the ‘Aryabhatiya’, he mentions that he was a native of Kusumapura the modern-day Patna. Moreover, from his historical records, the archaeologists believed that he continued his further studies in Kusumapura. Because in Kusumapura his major astronomical observatory was located.

Therefore, we can ascertain that Aryabhatta spent most of the time there. Further, some historians believe that he was also the head of Nalanda University in Kusumpura. Though these theories are all on a probable basis because no proper evidence was there except the books Arybhatta wrote in his lifetime. Yet some of his records were lost and are not found till date.



Aryabhatta contributed greatly to the field of mathematics. For instance, he was responsible for discovering various trigonometrical functions which are useful for us in the modern era too.

Furthermore, his discovery for the value of ‘pi’ eased the complications in mathematics. Above all, he founded the place value system and zero which are one of his major contributions in the history of mathematics. Most Noteworthy is that every theory is in his book ‘Aryabhatiya’ which states astronomical theories. Furthermore, his book divides into different sections of mathematics and astronomy.

Apart from his discoveries in the field of mathematics, Aryabhatta contributed immensely towards astronomy. He proposed the heliocentric theory which states the planets revolve around the Sun. with the help of this theory, he calculated the speed of the different planets with respect to the Sun.

Furthermore, he also calculated the sidereal rotation which is the rotation of the earth in reference to the stars. Moreover, he founded the sidereal year to be 365 days, 6 hours, 12 minutes and 30 seconds which varies with only 3 minutes and 20 seconds over the modern-day value.



Most noteworthy is that Aryabhatta correctly founded that the earth rotates on its axis. Furthermore, he also proposed the geocentric model of the solar system which described the earth to be the center of the universe. And the sun, the moon, and the planets revolve around it.

Aryabhata also explained the solar and lunar eclipses in his book. Consequently, he also proposed that the moon due to the reflection of the sunlight. He explained in his book that the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse takes by the shadow-casting of the earth and the moon.

In conclusion Aryabhatta approximations in the field of astronomy were quite accurate. It provided the core to the computational paradigm which provides a base to the modern theories.

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