Being happy is a need or a purpose??

Whatever we are doing in our life at this time is directly or indirectly related to only one ultimate goal and that is we all want to be happy in our life. But, are we really happy? Or why we are not happy? And how to become happy?? There are so many lots of questions that are searched on the internet related to happiness? Funny thing is that we are asking from the machines that how we become happy in our life?

We are the people of the generation that are unhappy so that they become happy. Everyone in one of his/ her childhood faces a question from someone that what do you want to become? And we gave so many options like maybe this or that but neither of us told us nor we realized that before become specialist in a different field first we become happy in our life. After reading this I am sure a question arises in your mind that before achieved financial independence how do we become happy? for one moment think that how you perform well when you are so much depressed? First, you should understand that being successful or being happy is two different goals so don’t mix two in one. Success is a goal but happiness is the thing that you need in this process.

People thought that if they become happy all the time, are they achieve success or not, so I think till now I have not read anywhere or heard from anyone that if you are happy you are not eligible for attaining success. So please don’t become so serious be punctual, be dedicated towards your goal.

And there are so many people in this world that are already trapped in the web of complex things and become unhappy so don’t try to become one of them, be happy for yourself, this is one of the best gifts that you give yourself. Whatever the situation of life is be happy and face that like a warrior,

If you are struggling in your life currently, please don’t become depressed, be happy because this happiness add some power to your confidence so that you face your struggle more valiantly,

There are lots of people in your nearby area they say that when this or that thing will complete they become so much happy, and after that, you saw that after goal achieved they become so much depressed and after asking they say that, this is not that thing what they want in their life, so don’t to be happy it is free of cost in every country. So please be happy,

Because this is a chain reaction when one person is happy, he/ she will never make someone’s life unhappy. So ultimately if you are happy you not only uplift your life you also provide little contributions towards the world’s happiness.

Life is a struggle, so accept it and enjoy your single moment on this planet. And before becoming anyone in any field, become happy in your life. And don’t depend on anyone for your happiness.

Being happy is a need that is required to achieve all the purposes of our life.

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