Best places to visit in ottawa

 Best Places To Visit In Ottawa

Ottawa is quite friendly towards tourists. There are different types of entertainment opportunities and sightseeing for all kinds of travellers. People from different countries like to come here for family vacations. It is a place with blue skies, sunshine-filled days and sweet nights of summer. There you get to see the vibrant greenery and can feel the cool water. You can enjoy your vacation in the proximity of nature by spending some days in the picturesque village of Old Chelsea in the Outaouais region. There you can experience the largest spa in North America as well. The panoramic pool and green hills can give you the ultimate peace of mind. There you also get to know about the place's iconic history through the amazing museums. There are a number of marvellous places to explore. The best places to visit are as below:-

Parliament Hill

Actually Parliament Hill is the home of the federal government of Canada. The representatives of Canada gather there to make laws which affect the lives of each Canadian. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions for its astounding interior of the Parliament Building and for discovering the function, art and chronicle of the Parliament of Canada. You can come in contact with the sensational live debates and can witness the breathtaking light and sound show on Parliament Hill. You will also experience the unique taste of music: 53 bells of the Peace Tower Carillon, over there.

Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal is taken as paradise by the visitors for its historic lock stations and 202 kilometres (125 mile) of charming waterway. It is a National Historic Site of Canada as well as a Canadian Heritage River and a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. It includes a number of picturesque lakes and rivers which are attached with canals. There you can have a wonderful experience of the historic waterway by boat. You can also visit the place by car, bicycle or on foot. If you want to enjoy the full ambience of the region then a boat is best for it. You can have a magnificent trip by driving through the spectacular roads which go through the center of Old Ontario. 

Canadian War Museum

t is the place where you get to know about the rich military history of Canada through artwork, photos, artifacts, interactive presentations and unique stories. It is quite attractive for its illustrative architecture. The museum was built in the theme of regeneration to include the features which are energy-efficient. Recycled materials are used there with a green roof on the top; poppies grow over there in the summer. There you get to see the Mercedes-Benz parade car of Hitler, the scarlet dress coat Sir Isaac Brock which has the hole of the bullet that killed him at the Queenston Heights' battle, a small teddy which was given to a soldier by his young daughter and many other splendid objects. 

National Gallery Of Canada

It is one of the best places in Ottawa where tourists come to explore and discover historical artworks like photographs, paintings, different kinds of sculptures and multimedia installations. You'll step underneath the sculpture of a spider which has a height of 9 metre before you enter into the ravishing granite-and-glass building. You will get to inquire more than 40,000 works by some 6000 creators. 

Peace Tower

It is one of the well known constructions of Canada. It is situated in the Center of Centre block of Parliament Hill. It was built in 1916 after the Victoria Tower was lost in a fire. You can visit the place as part of the free Centre Block Tour. If you can manage to arrive at the right time you can witness the changing of the guards. You can enjoy the Northern lights sights and sound show on summer nights as well. 

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