Cabbage for Our Health

Cabbage is one of the common vegetables. It is a leafy vegetable. It is usually of color green, but it also comes in white, red, purple and deep green. Cabbage comes from Brassica oleracea or wild cabbage species. Like other vegetable it also has many nutrients and very good for our health. Cabbage are very closely related to cauliflower broccoli.

Some Types of Cabbage from All Around the World:
Cabbage comes with different color, sizes and different types leaf. Let’s discuss about them ––

1)Common green cabbage: Scientific name — Brassica oleracea .It is the most commonly used head cabbage and it is available everywhere in world. The leaves of this cabbage are medium green. They are round shaped and thickly packed by leaves in a layer. The medium green color leaves are eaten cooked and the young and light white green color leaves can be eaten either cooked or uncooked as salad.

Common green cabbage
Common green cabbage

2)Red cabbage: Scientific name — Brassica oleracea . It is a same as common green cabbage, but the color is red purple or magenta. It is very similar to common cabbage. It is usually eaten as salad or with tacos. It has anthocyanins antioxidants in a huge amount.

Red Cabbage
Red Cabbage Plantation
Red Cabbage Salad

3)Savoy cabbage: scientific name – Brassica oleracea var. sabanda L. It is same as the common cabbage except the leaves of these cabbage is very curly and wrinkly not like the smooth leaves of a common cabbage. It is eaten as salad or stir-fried .

Savoy Cabbage Plant
Savoy Cabbage

4)Nape or Chinese cabbage: It is cabbage, but it is quite long like not as round as a common cabbage. It is famous for Korean traditional Spicy dish kimchi. Scientific name – Brassica Rapa ‘perkinensis’.

Nape Cabbage Plant
Korean Traditional Spicy Dish — Kimchi

5)Bok choy: Scientific name –Brassica rapa chinensis. It is also one type of Chinese cabbage, but it is quite different. It has long green leaves and this cabbage is not round shaped. These leaves have excellent amount of Vitamin A, vitamin k and Vitamin C and some amount of Vitamin B6.

Bok Choy in Market
Bok Choy
Bok Choy Plantation

6)January King cabbage: It is a head cabbage like common cabbage, but has unique color. The leaves of these cabbage are purple and green. Scientific name –Brassica oleracea Sabuda.

January King cabbage Plantation
January King cabbage

Apart from these there are white cabbage or Dutch cabbage, Kale or Leaf cabbage, Tuscan cabbage, Portuguese cabbage, Cannonball cabbage, Gonzales cabbage, Brussels sprouts, pointed cabbage. Cauliflower and broccoli are the also sometime considered as cabbage.

Kale Leaves
White Cabbages
Tuscan cabbage

Present nutrients:

100-gram raw common cabbage has flowing nutrients –

  1. It contains 5.8 gm of carbohydrates.
  2.  3.2 gm Sugars.
  3.  2.5g dietary fibers.
  4.  0.1g fat.
  5. 1.28 gm protein.
  6. Vitamin containing –— 1)0.2 mg vitamin B3. ; 2)36.6 mg Vitamin C. ; 3)76 microgram vitamin K. ; 4)0.2 mg of vitamin B5. ; 5)0.04 mg of vitamin B2. ; 6)0.12 mg of Vitamin B6.
  7. Minerals containing —- 40 mg calcium. ; 0.18 mg zinc. ;170mg potassium. ;26mgphosphorus. ;12 mg magnesium. ; 0.4mg iron. ;0.1mgmanganese. ;18mg sodium.
  8. It contains almost 92 gram water.
  9. It gives us 103 kilojoule or 25 Kcal energy.
  10. It has antioxidants in high amount.
  11. Various types of cabbage contain these nutrients in various amount but the nutrient elements are same for every cabbage .
Healthy Cabbage Salad

Benefits for health:

  1. Vitamin C is a major nutrient in cabbage which prevent common cold, cough and other ordinary health symptoms.
  2. Cabbage also fight against some chronicle disease like cancer.
  3. It also prevents the risk of inflammation due to containing of Vitamin C.
  4. Cabbage have lots of isolable fiber which is good for our digestive and our health and improve our digestion power.
  5.  It also helps to maintain the level of blood pressure and blood sugar in our body and prevent the heart problems.

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