Cancer is one of the most haunting diseases, squandering lives since ages. It occurs due to abnormal cell growth due to genetic mutations from environmental and lifestyle factors. Major of these factors are smoking, obesity, infections. There are also some certain chemicals known as carcinogens. Tobacco smoke causes almost 90% of the lung cancer. Physical inactivity and obesity also causes about 30-35% of cancer deaths.Not only cancer physical inactivity also hampers endocrine and immune system.

There are various types of cancer:

LEAUKEMIA : Commonly known as blood cancer,leukaemia affects the tissues of the bone marrow which is responsible for blood production. It is caused by abnormal production of white blood cells.

Myeloma: It targets plasma cells of our immune system. These cells divide in the bone marrow causing multiple tumours in the bones 

LYMPHOMA: It affects the lymphocytes in the lymph nodes, which are a part of the immune system.

CNS CANCER: CNS (Central Nervous System) cancers originate from the brain and the spinal cord. Gliomas, vestibular schwannomas, meningiomas, primary CNS lymphomas, pituitary adenomas are few CNS cancers.

Melanoma: It is a form of skin cancer that targets melanin – the pigment responsible for skin colour. In this form of cancer, the melanocytes are affected resulting in the abnormal formation of melanin. It may also affect other tissues that are pigmented, such as the eyes.


There are various symptoms through which cancer can be detected such as irregular loss weight, fatigue, continuous pain, fever or any irregular changes in skin.


Cancer can be caused by innumerous factors such as genetical factors, tobacco, alcohol, obesity, unhealthy environment, exposure to unnatural radiations etc.


With the advancement of science many cures have been found for the treatment of cancer. The process of treatment depends on the type and stages of cancer. Some of the common treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy.

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