Career choices and obstacles

Career choices and obstacles 


We all learn to get work. Learning is different according to our needs and interest in our careers. We set the objective, make goals and identify the obstacles. Sometimes obstacles change our choices and interests too. 


Career, obstacles.


Career can be defined as the process in which we learn certain skills to get the job/ work. Choosing a career is not an easy task. An individual needs to set goals, objectives and schedule their whole life according to that aim. Career helps and individual to earn wealth, name and fame. Because of this reason people want to choose the high profile ranking job. 

In India parents help their children to settle their career- by providing funds for their business or by providing education and qualification till the higher studies. Parents want their children to attain the high position in society. According to them – only some jobs have respect in society- engineer, doctors, lawyer and teacher. 

The work culture are as

Gold or white collar jobs- doctor, surgeon, engineer lawyer.

Green collar job- They related to the environmental sector

Red collar job – government services

Pink collar job- EnterConclusion

Black collar job- worker

This working culture divide the people and classifies them from a high job profile to a low job profile.

The career choices are divided not only on the basis of what the child wants, but also what their parents and society require.

The obstacles are stated from here when the parents ask the child to learn more so they get a good job as a career.

Obstacles children face to choose their career.

Family : Family is a supportive pillar for an individual. They provide their best to the child but the actual thing they forget to give is freedom to choose their career on their own. Somewhere, the male child is pressured to become an engineer , doctor or any job related to white collar job. The female child would do some non technical courses. This thinking of family becomes an obstacles for an individual to choose their career option.

Division of work : As above we discussed how the collar colour described the nature of the job. Parents prefer  that their children go with white collar or pink collar jobs. Because the job consists of fame and wealth. So the division of work becomes an obstacle to choosing a career.

Potential of an individual: Every individual has their own potential to gain knowledge. Some are really good at writing work, others are good at designing. When we as parents want to take out that potential, we forget that what the child innates is his/ her self. It is important to analyse the real potential  of an individual. When we can’t do that it becomes an obstacle to choosing a career.

Lack of Motivation: sometimes an individual has enough potential knowledge and skills to do a particular job. But due to lack of motivation, they don’t want to do that work. They thought that what if they failed. They are afraid of society and don’t  want to laugh. And the obstacles can affect their career choosing process. So it is important to give motivation to your child if they have any special talent in themselves.

These are some of the obstacles which impact on an individual to choose their career. There are many others but they are major. 


Family plays an important role in choosing a career for an individual. As the family member we should be supportive and try to remove obstacles , so they can choose their career according to their interests and not under any pressure. 


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