I don’t know when I lost my childhood
I think I lost my childhood
I think I lost my childhood
When I started focusing on my studies,
Maybe I lost it
When I start overthinking about tomorrow
Maybe when I get jealous of my cousin
Maybe I lost it when my parents compare me with others
May be when I started doing something to please my parents
Maybe when I feel guilty for saying something
Maybe when I came to know that everything that I learnt in my childhood is just a bookish line
And no one takes that seriously in real life
Not even my parents
Maybe then I lost my childhood

We have to learn from our childhood
●To be happy for no reason
●To always be curious
●To fight tirelessly for something

I think Childhood was the best memories of everyone.

My childhood was also very memorable to me.
I used to play till 7pm without any thought of my homework or my parents.
At that time my father was in Indian army that’s why he couldn’t live with us.I was living with my mom and grandma
Thus whenever I come from school I have to go to market for food supplies or everything that is needed for home.And that’s why I am always onMy angry mood because my friends were playing when I had to go to market
And as a child I also wanted to play.
Thus whenever I return to the market I started playing with my friends till 7 pm.
My grandma is always waiting for me to come back after playing.
My grandma loves me so much.I usually sleep with my grandma and she always sang a song for me, tells bad time stories.She loves to irritate me..
She was my best friend at that time.I think I was closer to my grandma even more than my mom.
My grandma and I were just like friends.
Whenever grandma borrows some money from me then I always get it back with some intrest.

Whenever I went to my maternal grandmother’s home I enjoyed a lot there.My uncle always takes me to a resturant for my favorite foods.He took me to a fair.And in my grandfathers shop I played a lot.I used to irritate every customer but my grandfather never scolds me for that.
In the evening grandmother took me to the tour of village and I enjoyed it a lot.
Best thing is that I was known by my mothers name there.And I am proud of them.

My Childhood was definitely the best memory for me.
There was no tension for homework, assignment, exams career, future
We just enjoy our lives but now everything is the opposite.

We always complete some tasks.Always always always…..
In the morning we wake up and keep doing our work whether we enjoy it or not.As it is our duty and we have to do it because we get paid for it or to get a job we have to study hard.

Some have dreams to achieve it thus they also enjoy their everywork that brings them closer to their dreams
But some don’t have, they are just doing things because their parents want them to do or they want to earn money for their livelihood.

But what do you think about it?Are they enjoying their lives?
Of course not.

So according to my best things for happiness is stop questioning yourself and be proud of yourself for enjoying your life

●You have a roof over your head.

●You ate today.

●You have clean water.

●You have a good heart.

●You wish for others.

●You are breathing.

●Atleast one person care for you.

●You have clean clothes.

Be grateful for the little things…

Sometimes we stress over things that we don’t have and not thankful for the things we already do have.

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