Children & Trauma

Trauma in Children with Special Needs - My Mental Health

Most of the people have a thought that children don’t experience traumas but that’s
not the case in reality. Children that experience negative environmental conditions
during their early stages, continue to carry on that feeling till much later in life.
Infants, pre-schoolers, teenagers have totally different environmental conditions
around them in which they live and respond to hence the trauma can be felt and dealt
with differently. Attachments and having good relationships as a young individual is
very important to make a safe environment to be in when they deal with some fear.
Specially in an average Indian household where children’s mental health is not given
that much importance, it is very important to make parents aware about having a safe
and secure environment for their children in order to have a healthy future for them.
I personally know many people who have experienced childhood traumas and till
date it just takes a small thing to trigger that memory and make them go back to
where it was all started as if it was a fresh wound.
A small trauma can lead to serious issues and hence it should be prevented at all cost
specially in the childhood stage when the child is not capable of handling the
I want to give an example of my uncle here, he was 12 years old when this incident
happened. A very famous Durga temple conducts a function where lakhs of people
come to see, he was one of them and suddenly a fight broke out which turned furious
very fast that police had to intrude, he accidentally got stuck in the fight and got an
injury in his feet, he hid there in that temple for about 2 whole nights alone all scared.
luckily nothing serious happened to him and he safely reached home the 3rd day.
She got paranoid so bad that he is now 45 and still gets scared a Little when he goes
near that temple as he was scared for life being in that incident. That physical scar in
his feet still is very much visible and reminds him of what had happened. A 12 year
old kid accidentally carried away in a lathi charge and is left alone hiding from the
world for 48 hours is indeed traumatic.
Many scientific researches and surveys have been done in the same field and things
like mental health problems and PTSDs have been taken into key concentration
during the researches. Children exposed to such negative incidences are found to be
less efficient in school and lacks the skill of effective communication and is a vicious
cycle for a child’s development.
Another important discussion I would like to bring upon is that of an experience
called past life. Some people believe in it and some don’t but the ‘ past life regression
therapy’ is believed to be successful on clients even if the psychotherapist doesn’t
believe in it.
It is said that sometimes children would have developed a sense of fear, for example a
2 year old kid might have a fear of heights even though he would be experiencing a
sense of being on a high platform for the first time and such a fear can be a
consequence of something that happened in his/her past life.
This discussion is very much open to the floor and no one really have said to come to
a conclusion and I would like to research further on this issue

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